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Whether tired of color or changing, learning how to dye your hair is something that helps a lot! To find out more, we talked to Megue Costa, hair stylist and creator of Emme Vip, specialist in colorimetry at Vidal Sassoon School (London) and cut at Academia Llongueras (Buenos Aires). See the details!

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6 ways to dye your hair

Megue explains that the best way to dye your hair is to look for a professional. He / she will carry out the evaluation of the texture, chemistry and state of the hair to thus suggest the appropriate process for removing the pigments. Among the techniques of how to remove dye from hair, the hair stylist separated the following:

1. Pickling


“It consists of discoloring the colored part to the desired lightening background to put the other color on! It is the process that most attacks the hair, but if you don’t want to lighten it too much, it is very effective and you get rid of the unwanted color all at once! ”, Explains Megue.

2. Wicks


If your hair is damaged and you can’t handle a total bleaching procedure, Megue explains that gradually lightening with strands is an option. In this way, the work is done gradually until reaching the desired shade.

3. Anti-residue shampoo


Megue comments that, although going to the professional is the best choice, there are options such as anti-residue shampoo to clean the color.

“Use cleaning shampoos so that this color fades with each wash. Do not pass any more product, nor toner or other colors. The anti-residue shampoo does not completely remove the color, but it will help to fade and facilitate the color change if the client wants to lighten it ”, he explains. The professional warns that this type of shampoo ends up drying the hair, so a recovery treatment should be part of your routine!

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4. Whitening


According to the hair stylist, there are some products that lighten hair in one or two shades, which are lightening shampoos. They have the function of fading the color and are less aggressive than other techniques. But she cites a contraindication: “it is contraindicated if you already have natural root growth, as it will fade your natural background too, usually to a more orange color”.

5. Shampoozada


This technique consists of mixing the bleach, a low volume hydrogen peroxide and a shampoo. It should be applied to wet hair. Megue explains more about the effect: “according to the break time and the amount of dye in the hair, it is possible to lighten from one to three shades. It is more aggressive and should be applied only to the part that has the coloring, with great care ”.

6. Bicarbonate


“It really ends up doing a good cleaning in the color with the continuous use, but, because of its properties, it leaves the hair very opaque and lifeless”, he explains. So be careful when investing in homemade recipes that change the color, okay?

The hair stylist explains that other techniques, such as vinegar and milk, are not indicated for removing hair dye. This is because vinegar has a very acidic pH and the effect when using it is more related to maintaining the color. Milk, on the other hand, is good to soften the green tone that stays in the blond hair, when we go to the pool and have contact with chlorine. But, for discoloration, milk has no effect, huh!

Learn more about dyeing your hair

How about watching videos that show the experience and step by step of how to get dye out of your hair? See the tips we’ve selected for you!

Learn how to dye your hair with and without bleaching powder

This is a method that does not discolor the threads or soften the color when it comes to permanent ink. However, if you applied that toner or fantasy paint, this technique helps to remove everything, including the excess of the tint. Follow!

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How to get dye from bluish black hair

Here, you learn the shampoozada method to remove the dye from your hair and follow the whole process that Carol Costa had with her hair. The best is to finish with a Maizena hydration to leave the hair radiant!

Removing the red coloring of the wires

The red color is one of the most complex to remove from the hair, due to the high pigmentation. In the video, you learn the step-by-step how to dye your hair, in addition to checking the result!

2 products to help remove hair dye

In the video, Vanessa Menezes gives the tip of 2 products for you to invest, if the intention is to reach lighter tones than your current hair. The products are DekapColor and Efassor. Check out the explanations that make all the difference!

Transformation to dye hair without damaging

Giovanna Carmesini explains how it was her experience of removing dye from her hair without damaging the strands. She relied on the work of a professional, but the entire sequence to reach the result is narrated in this video. It is a beautiful color!

After seeing each of the techniques on how to dye your hair, you realized that maintaining healthy hair is super important in this process, right? Especially with capillary reconstruction, which helps in chemical processes to improve the health of the hair!

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