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By Vanessa Fenelon

On 06.03.21

If you are looking for an unusual part of the body to draw, tattooing on the knee is a good bet. It is widely used to cover scars, but you can also tattoo even without this need: just follow the essential care. Next, we bring you beautiful ideas to inspire you, as well as tips from tattoo artist Marta Sayuri to take good care of your tattoo. Follow us!

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60 knee tattoo pictures to fall in love with this idea

Do you want to get a tattoo on your knee, but still not sure it’s a good idea? The inspirations that we separate below will convince you to bet on this tattoo. Check out!

1. Your knee tattoo can be a traditional design

Rock Hop Eternal

2. Or a more unusual one, but full of meaning for you

Classic Tattoo Berlin

3. How this beautiful mandala in pointillism

Gabrielly Angel

4. It is worth tattooing a very colorful flower


5. Or make an art full of references and details

Javier Franco

6. You can combine several elements in your tattoo

Don Boos Tattoos

7. Opt for a design only


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8. Bet on a tattoo on your knee with phrases

Jason J Tattooer

9. Or join words and drawings in the composition

Marcos Belinassi Tattoo

10. Can you make a barbed wire heart

Studio First Lady

11. Or a drawing formed by foliage

Purple Tattoo

12. Pointillism arts are very common

Kalany Tattoo

13. And you can understand why

La Culpa

14. It looks really beautiful, don’t you think?

Iza Preta

15. How about bringing the beauty of the stars to your skin

Geovanna Moura Tattoo

16. Or tattoo a very classic rose?

Zigui Tattoo

17. The color mandala looks great

Vinicius Viana

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18. But the all-black design also has its charm

Luiz Calixto

19. There are ideas for every taste!

Leticia Rodrigues

20. Be with a very symbolic animal

Andres Ortega Lopez

21. Or with a more traditional design

Vegas Tattoo

22. Your tattoo on your knee may be small

Julia Sorrino

23. Or combine several elements

Monique M. Tattoo

24. The tattoo can be just over the knee

Grazi Leite

25. But it is also possible to extend the design by the leg

Camila Mesquita

26. As in this super-cheerful inspiration with flowers

Justine Wolf

27. How about tattooing both knees?

Sandra H.

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28. It can be doing the same design on both

Sempiternal tattoo

29. As in this idea with crowns of thorns

Gil Ukol

30. But it is also possible to vary the arts

Sam Perry

31. What matters is to unleash creativity

One Love Tattoo

32. And combining elements full of symbology

Sergio Troiano

33. To mark a design on your skin that is your face


34. Or that means a lot to you


35. Be with a very imposing mandala

Lidia Depablo Tattoo

36. Or with a more discreet and subtle art

Evelyn Hays

37. Tattooing the knee to cover a scar is quite common

Frayne Zulueta

38. But nothing stops you from tattooing for other reasons


39. Mandalas appear frequently in this tattoo


40. And the bee designs are also very recurrent


41. The insect symbolizes life, death and rebirth

Brisbane Bodyart

42. And it can appear in color or all in black


43. The tattoo on the knee can express all its strength

Douglas Massa

44. Or portray an animal that you like very much

Boka Tattooing

45. There are plenty of options to choose from

Yung Baby Ming

46. ​​If you want an art that is very evident


47. You can opt for a tattoo that covers the entire leg

Raul Wesche

48. The result is incredible

Ink Palace

49. And ensures that your knee tattoo does not go unnoticed

Gabriele Talis

50. You can also tattoo an element of mythology

Gabe Arias

51. A peony full of color

Courtney Munster

52. Or a black version of the same flower

Nikki Jo

53. Flowers are a hit in women’s tattoos

Kaka Bortoluzzi

54. And with the tattoo on the knee, it would be no different

Timothy kidd arts

55. If combined with a meaningful word, even better

Carrie Girl

56. Do you prefer a very eye-catching design

Nicoletta la Rosa

57. Or a delicate knee tattoo?


58. Choose the art that has the most to do with you

Ewerton Tattoo

59. Schedule a session with your trusted tattoo artist

Kallyne Angelos

60. And get ready to rock your new tattoo!

The Sailor Pan Tattoo Shop

Have you chosen your favorite inspiration? Regardless of your style and preferences, there is a tattoo on your knee that is perfect for you!

7 essential care you should have with your knee tattoo

To help you take care of your tattoo in the best possible way, Marta listed the main care needed with this tattoo. They apply, too, to drawings made on other parts of the body. Check out the tattoo artist’s tips:

  • Avoid tight clothing, as “the friction of the clothing with the skin can interfere with the healing result of the tattoo”.
  • In the first days, avoid physical activities, because “sweat can be harmful for healing”.
  • Take care of the food in the first days, avoiding very fatty foods, seafood and sugars.
  • Do not use ointments that accelerate healing: “ointments as anti-inflammatories accelerate the natural healing process, and may leave the tattoo looking gray and dull”, explains the tattoo artist.
  • Take care of the cleanliness of the tattoo, “regularly washing the tattooed area with saline or antiseptic soap”.
  • Moisturize the tattoo after 2 or 3 days: “the ideal is to use moisturizers without many chemicals”, comments Marta.
  • Avoid sun and swimming “mainly in the first 15 days; in addition, do not apply sunscreen during the healing process ”.

By following these precautions, you guarantee a smooth healing process and avoid problems with your tattoo. And, for more information and tips on the universe of tattoos, check out inspirations and get all your doubts about scar tattoos!

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