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Nana | anime & manga tattoos

Who likes Japanese cartoons is always marathoning a series or watching a movie of the genre, right? How about putting your love for these stories under your skin? We’ve separated the best anime tattoo ideas to help you choose the best option! Just take a look:

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1. How about eternalizing your love for anime?


2. A beautiful tattoo expresses your tastes and who you are

Nana | anime & manga tattoos

3. And there’s no shortage of ideas from the most beloved Japanese designs


4. So, do you want to know some options?

Ethno Tattoo 🇨🇭 Lausanne

5. With style, anime tattoo is versatile

Jonathan Huynh

6. And full of attitude!

Floy Perez

7. You can play classic drawings


8. With a very delicate and modern line

Nana | anime & manga tattoos

9. Or fuller strokes

Nathalia Veiga

10. A small anime tattoo is not wrong


11. Anyone who likes colorful options will love more complex designs

Lisa Hammock

12. And very detailed

Fineline Anime Tattoo Germany

13. You can opt for something more filled

Nathalia Veiga

14. To highlight the design

Nana | anime & manga tattoos

15. The idea is to make the drawing very realistic

Nana | anime & manga tattoos

16. And with the original colors of the anime

Nathalia Veiga

17. Anime tattoo for Sailor Moon fans?

Nathalia Veiga

18. We have some options!

Nathalia Veiga

19. You can even do it with a friend


20. After all, this anime marked the childhood of many people

Souza Tattoo Studio

21. And it’s pure cuteness!

Yana Geber

22. Speaking of childhood, there are plenty of ideas for Naruto lovers

Victor Archangel

23. Who will love the Nauruto Child drawing

Miart – by Paloma Gomes

24. Or the Hinata character tattoo

Nana | anime & manga tattoos

25. Prefer Studio Ghibli animes?

Nana | anime & manga tattoos

26. So just take a look at this idea!

emily payne

27. You can get a very detailed anime tattoo

Leah Aniphowose

28. With more than one character

Nathalia Veiga

29. Or a simple but super cute design

Fernando Gomez

30. How about something minimalist?


31. In pastel shades?


32. It looks very nice, doesn’t it?

Nana | anime & manga tattoos

33. But if you really like it, it’s something complex

Nathalia Veiga

34. Choose your tattoo artist well and play

Nathalia Veiga

35. Yeah, it’s just wonderful

Nathalia Veiga

36. Kiki has a delivery for you

Nana | anime & manga tattoos

37. Guess what it is

Emma Pierce

38. A new tattoo, of course!


39. Have you already chosen where to get tattoos?

Nathalia Veiga

40. We have some suggestions

Douglas Tattoo

41. The arm is classic place

Nathalia Veiga

42. And it looks great for any design

Nathalia Veiga

43. Take a look at these One Piece drawings

Fineline Anime Tattoo Germany

44. Or in this classic by Chihiro

Nathalia Veiga

45. It’s a charm

Mia Manzanedo

46. ​​And if you have room to spare, bet on a bigger design

Julia Ferreira | tattoo artist

47. Or leave a corner for the next tattoos

Lauryne Cloix

48. Because you always want to do one more, right?

Nathalia Veiga

49. The leg is also a great place for an anime tattoo

ℭ 𝔲 𝔯 𝔰 𝔢 𝔡

50. Look how beautiful it is on the heel

Nana | anime & manga tattoos

51. The thigh is also wonderful

Miglena Petrova

52. The idea is to choose a design that is important to you

Heidi Góis

53. And send some models to the tattoo artist


54. So he can make an exclusive design

Fineline Anime Tattoo Germany

55. Which will make you even more beautiful


56. What’s up? Did you think well?

Nana | anime & manga tattoos

57. Did you choose your favorite anime?

Nathalia Veiga

58. So, run to make an appointment at the tattoo parlor


59. And stamp all your love for cartoons on your skin with an anime tattoo

Fineline Anime Tattoo Germany

60. Which are full of meaning for fans!

Nathalia Veiga

It’s one tattoo prettier than the other, isn’t it? Enjoy and schedule an extra time at the studio to make a beautiful cartoon tattoo!

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