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Juliana Costa

by Erika Balbino

On 07.05.21

Orange red is a vibrant and intense color, so it has been an option for those who want a fascinating look. Generally, the hue can be achieved by coloring the number 7.4, but other nuances of the color can be obtained by mixing the numbering 96.44 + 76.44, 8.77 + 0.77 or 8.4 + 7.44. Check out photos and tutorials for a killer look!

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65 photos of orange red to bet on the tone

The reddish orange has lighter, darker, intense and even coppery tones. With the selection of photos below, you can check these nuances and choose your favorite. Check it out:

1. Orange red is an overwhelming color


2. Ideal for those who want a remarkable transformation

Juliana Costa

3. Color brings together vibrant tones

Maiellen Days

4. That inspires attitude and personality

Ana Célia Sousa

5. The orange redhead has made women’s minds

Duda Brandão

6. And it’s the perfect choice to redesign the look

Paloma Biavati

7. Because the tone goes well in all seasons of the year


8. And it makes the woman more modern and glamorous

Ohana Towers

9. If you want to be present wherever you go

Bruna Córdoba

10. The orange redhead fulfills this role well

Talita Galbiatti

11. Even if you opt for a lighter tone

Lara Silva

12. A more intense tone

Mariana Devogeski

13. Or a medium tone redhead

Naiara Vadovino

14. The copper version also draws attention

Juliana Costa

15. As well as the fancy orange red, which delivers a killer look


16. There are those who prefer a more discreet shade of orange red

Lara Silva

17. The curls also adhered to the color

Sarah Oliveira

18. It highlights even more the beauty of the curls


19. As well as enhances the shine of the smoothest hair

Alina Schiano

20. Orange red is a color for those looking for originality

Dri Bastos

21. And you want renewal and authenticity

Talia Bridges

22. Color matches all styles

Lara Silva

23. For the variation of tones

Cris Vianna Hair

24. Allows you to tailor the perfect tone for each woman

Paloma Biavati

25. The orange redhead stands out in the sunlight


26. Just like the dark orange red

Natalia Paiva

27. Color highlights modern haircuts


28. And highlights the more traditional

Angelia Michelle

29. There are more nuances for the blonde

Ashley Maynard

30. And more pigmented, like the fancy redhead

Ana Cristina

31. The choice of tone will depend on the result you want to achieve

Thay Passarelli

32. Well, orange red brings several possibilities

Natali Avelar

33. Adapting to all hair types

Mizary Ruiz

34. And promote a stylish look

Judge Soldi

35. But to achieve the ideal tone

Giovanna Lariccia

36. It is important to pay attention to the base color of the threads

Petra Tyrliková

37. So you can conquer the orange redhead of dreams


38. What best suits your personality


39. And enhance your beauty even more

Angelina Michelle

40. Orange reds tend to taste good

Giovanna Mariotti

41. Who likes a bolder look

Isadora Avila

42. But that doesn’t mean


43. May the sweetest not surrender to color

Bruna Córdoba

44. Well, the tone brings intensity to the look


45. And enhances the look of the most serious

Mizary Ruiz

46. ​​Providing Beauty and Renewal

mari maria

47. If you want to raise self-esteem


48. You can bet without fear on the orange redhead

Gleici Duarte

49. Just choose your favorite tone

Amanda Oliveira

50. That matches your style

Aninha Monteiro

51. Make you feel powerful

Juliana Costa

52. And full of self-confidence

Alice Santos

53. You can make a gradient with the color


54. Or dye the entire length of hair

Lua Vasconcelos

55. The orange red highlights the fringe cuts

Dhelre Ryanne

56. And the frayed threads at the ends

April War

57. Making the look more alive

Elaine Itural

58. But to keep the color always beautiful

Paloma Mellossica

59. It is important to be careful

Clara Gaertner

60. Use quality products

Carolina Marques

61. And perform color maintenance every 15 days

Ana Beatriz

62. So you preserve the chosen hue


63. Keeps the color beautiful and vibrant

Letícia Fernandes

64. And the healthy and shiny hair

Natalia Santiago

65. So, have you already chosen your favorite nuance?

April War

Remembering that to achieve the desired tone, it is important to pay attention to the base color of the threads. Therefore, if you do not have experience in the subject, consult a professional to obtain good results!

How to have orange red hair

The videos below present the step-by-step instructions on how to paint the strands red orange, as well as tips and experiences with this intense shade. Check out:

from black to orange red

In this video, professional Simony Bonome shows you step-by-step how to bleach your black hair and dye it red-orange. She talks about the importance of the roving test and gives application and product tips to avoid damaging the hair. It’s worth watching!

Tinting the orange red at home

Red is a shade that fades easily, so color maintenance is essential to keep the color radiant. This video presents the step by step of how to tone the hair at home and keep the orange very intense. Watch!

Experiment with the orange red hair

In this video, youtuber Izzi Bissolli tells how she dyed her hair orange red at home and got it really orange. She tells how the adaptation with the new color is being. The dye used was Beauty Color 96.44+ 76.44.

If you’ve always wanted to be a redhead and loved the inspirations presented, we have more options for you. Enjoy and check out photos with shades of red, learn about other nuances and choose the ideal one to transform your look!

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