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The short wedding dress is a great alternative for brides who opt for a modern wedding ceremony. The models are ideal for occasions during the day, events on the beach and for the civil wedding and, although the length brings relaxation to the piece, the dresses are still chic and elegant.

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In addition to being comfortable to enjoy the whole wedding, there are short wedding dresses for different tastes and styles, from the most traditional of lace to the well-adjusted and full of sophistication. We selected 65 models for you to be inspired and rock the big day. Check out:

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The best short dresses for brides

As in conventional fashion, bridal fashion also has trends. We have selected some models of short wedding dresses for you to stay on top of what is currently high.

1. Classical modeling never goes out of style


2. A good bet is bulky fabrics like organza


3. But if you prefer discreet models, you can opt for a superclean


4. Asymmetry is on the rise even in bridal fashion


5. Just like the high collar


6. A charm, isn’t it?

Linea Raffaelli

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7. The lace is romantic and timeless


8. And the designs on the fabric make the piece exclusive


9. Even if it’s a short dress, you don’t have to give up the tail

Linea Raffaelli

10. Another big bet of the year is to exchange the veil for the cover

Dolly Couture

11. The shoulder to shoulder neckline is a trend

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12. Like the canoe, which favors different body types


13. This model is for the daring who love originality

Micah Gianelli

14. The short length + the designs on the fabric make the piece stylish


15. And even when it comes to classic models, there are details that do not let the dress fall into the obvious

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16. The ruffles are super charming and the simple models are perfect for civil wedding


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17. This is accurate and stylish!


As you have seen, trends such as the cape and neckline shoulder to shoulder also appear in short wedding dresses. If you don’t give up style when getting married, get inspired by one of these models.

Short wedding dress for civil wedding

As it is a simpler ceremony, many brides opt for the short dress to marry the civilian, since the pieces are comfortable in addition to bringing relaxation to the look. Check out:

18. Lace models are classic and timeless

lalá Noleto

19. But if you are on the modern team, how about a dress like this?


20. Ruffles bring fun to the dress

Chloe Wen

21. Just like a colored belt

Ju Romano

22. Or an accessory that adds charm to the production


23. The clean model is elegant and discreet

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24. Most brides choose to marry in white even in civil

Lalá Noleto

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25. But you can choose a nude and delicate model


26. Round modeling favors different types of bodies

Nicolette Mason

27. And the mermaid type highlights the silhouette

Ana Paula Siebert

28. To get married in the summer, how about a fresh model like this?


29. And long-sleeved ones are perfect for mid-season ceremonies

Camila Coelho

30. Floral designs differentiate the dress

Camila Queiroz

31. As well as fabrics worked with guipir lace


32. This dress proves that the simple is nothing basic

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33. A charm, isn’t it?

Justin Alexander

Although simple, the dresses are sophisticated and elegant enough for a civil ceremony. Do you already know which one fits your style best?

Short short wedding dress

If you want a very modern and timeless wedding dress, bet on a short and well-adjusted model. This modeling highlights the curves and is not at all obvious, in addition it combines with different types of bodies.

34. Well-adjusted models highlight the silhouette

Denise Mercedes

35. As it is a short dress, they are perfect for daytime ceremonies


36. And also for beach weddings

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37. The tight-fitting dress gets even more powerful with the slit

Ana Paula Siebert

38. You can choose an authentic and bold model


39. Or a discreet and super stylish

Manuuh’s Blog

40. This model is perfect for civil ceremonies

Marina Ruy Barbosa

41. Embroidery and worked lace elevate the sophistication of the garment

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42. If you are going to marry a short dress, do not forget to trim the shoe

Maria Rosa Guerra

43. It is possible to choose a smooth and elegant model

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44. Or with several adornments that complement the piece

Camila Coelho

45. The long sleeve model is ideal for cooler days

Das Guimarães

46. ​​Both in long sleeve dresses

Nicole Simone

47. And also in super-cute and fresh


48. The strap brings safety and comfort to the dress

Denise Mercedes

49. But the big highlight is tuned and powerful modeling

Denise Mercedes

Glamorous, isn’t it? To balance the boldness of the dress, you can opt for traditional fabrics like lace. Smooth pieces are elegant and powerful.

Short lace wedding dress

When it comes to wedding dresses, there is no fabric more famous than lace. Timeless, the texture makes the pieces even more romantic and the lace designs do not let the dress fall into the obvious.

50. If you are classic, you can choose a dress like this

Erin Williams

51. Princess modeling balances the short dress length

Ellis Bridals

52. And there are models with the entire sleeve worked

Junebug Weddings

53. And others who seem to have come straight out of a fairy tale

Ellis Bridals

54. But if you are modern, how about a dress full of cutouts?

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55. Or you can bet on a very short model


56. While some pieces are ideal for civil wedding…


57. Others are up to a classic ceremony


58. This piece is a charm and seems to have come out of a 1920s romance


59. Undecided about the length? You can choose a knee-length model


60. Floral lace designs make the piece even more romantic

Linea Raffaelli

61. In addition to being stylish and relaxed

Buy at Amaro

62. That dress is stunning!


63. Flowers can be part of the lace design


64. Or add color in details that make all the difference


65. Ready for the yes?

Dolly Couture

There are a variety of lace wedding dresses so you can choose a perfect model for you without giving up your own style.

There are so many models of short dresses for brides that it is even difficult to choose a favorite for the big day. And if you’re classic and don’t give up a traditional dress, get inspired by 111 princess wedding dresses.

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