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By Ana Carla Lima

On 09.16.21

The efficiency of a good deodorant directly affects the feeling of well-being. It is a product with many versions available, all constantly evolving, roll-on, spray, vegan, and now, in bar. If you are looking for the ideal deodorant, follow the article and learn more about the deodorant bar, available options, benefits and even homemade recipes!

The best bar deodorants

Below, you can check a list of the best bar deodorants available on the market. The list was made based on bloggers’ recommendations, considering cost-benefit, composition, particularities, duration and quality of each product. Check it out:

1. Old Spice Deodorant Epic Protection – $

Old Spice Epic Protection is a deodorant bar and has a technology that protects against sweat and bad smell. In addition, the product is affordable and promises to last for up to 48 hours.

“A mara tip I discovered is an antiperspirant deodorant that lasts, holds all day, doesn’t smell, doesn’t sweat. If you, like me, suffer from excessive sweating even when you’re not hot […] it has a quick absorption in the skin, it doesn’t leave goose bumps, it doesn’t leave the skin whitish, it really looks like a moisturizer.” – Leia of Jesus

2. Rexona Clinical Deodorant – $

Rexona Clinical Antiperspirant Deodorant has a thermoactive action formula, which helps to prevent odor and sweating for a long period.

“It has a very mild fragrance, but it’s a fragrance that you feel for many hours, and that I thought was really cool. It is a thermoactive technology, which needs to be applied at night and has been very worthwhile. It has a very nice texture, which absorbs very quickly.” – Mirella Cavalieri

3. Nivea Clinical Intense Control Deodorant – $

Nivea Clinical Intense Control Deodorant was developed for women who suffer from excessive sweating. It has a soft fragrance, moisturizes the underarms and promises to last up to 48 hours.

“I’m following the manufacturer’s instructions, using it at night and in the morning and I have no complaints. I used it for running and also on this weekend of intense heat in Curitiba (ALELUIA) and, in no time, I felt stinky. I’m not a big fan of bar antiperspirants because they leave the skin whitish and pass this residue onto dark clothes, which is what happened with this one, but other than that, I thought it works just fine. Nivea Clinical has a very mild aroma, but it doesn’t stay on the skin or blend in with the body’s perfume.” – Diva stuff

4. Solid Ban Deodorant – $$

The product promises protection against odor and moisture for up to 24 hours. In addition, it is antiperspirant, has three fragrances available on the market and anti-smell ingredients in its formula.

“I use it every day. I really like the aroma, I don’t fight with any perfume, at the same time, I don’t let you down. His touch is dry and moisturizing, it will hydrate your underarms and leave them dry. It has an excellent duration, lasts all day, does not stain clothes, leaves no residue. Does not irritate the skin, has a dry and pleasant texture. He controlled my sweating all day. ” – Thays Rezende

5. Positive Natural Deodorant – $$

Positiva Natural Deodorant is a vegan product, free from animal cruelty and with a structure focused on sustainability, which promises to neutralize the odor of perspiration.

“I was surprised with the deodorant, because it is very soft, glides easily in the armpit and doesn’t leave the skin sticky. I really liked this product, for those who are looking to have a more sustainable and good quality product, I highly recommend it!” – Thais Zortea

6. Unevie Natural Deodorant – $$

uNeVie Natural Deodorane is a product free of aluminium, sulfate, paraben, etc., that is, a 100% natural composition. It is suitable for daily protection and has a light aroma.

“It was love at first sight. I tested it, it doesn’t have aluminum, it’s vegan, it has essential oils and vegetables. The point is that he handles the smell very well, I go to the gym and I don’t worry about whether I smell or not.” – Natasha Romaszkiewicz

7. Schmidts Rose Vanilla Deodorant – $$$

Schmidts Deodorant is a vegan and imported option, including another lemon flavor. The product promises a dry and non-sticky feel, in addition to being a natural composition option.

“I tested the one by Schmidts, when you apply it to the armpit, it exfoliates. I feel like when my armpit is starting to smell really bad, I exfoliate with this deodorant.” – Karen Bachini

Now that you know the main options available on the market and their recommendations, see how to use the deodorant bar and its main benefits.

How to use bar deodorant

The use of bar deodorant is similar to roll-on, it is applied directly in the armpit region. Regarding the time of application, it is necessary to check the specifics of each product, as some must be applied the night before, others right after the shower and so on.

The deodorant bar makes the cream product come into direct contact with the skin, which provides better hydration. In addition, it has a longer average durability compared to other types and is very practical, both in application and use outside the home, for example. So, by opting for the deodorant bar, you guarantee some benefits, check this out:

  • Effective underarm hydration
  • Product Durability
  • Practicality of application

Knowing details of the benefits and practicality of use, it is easier to get it right when choosing the one that best meets your needs.

How to make deodorant bars

A great option that has been growing in recent times is the homemade cosmetic, and the deodorant bar is one of those that can be made at home and with common ingredients. Check out the tutorials too!

Homemade deodorant bar

A very simple, practical and quick tutorial on how to make a deodorant bar, all this with several extra tips for possible replacements.

Bar deodorant with essential oils

The recipe includes essential oils of rosemary, lemon grass and tea tree. It’s a practical tutorial that shows the texture of the final result!

Natural bar deodorant and no sodium bicarbonate

Discover this recipe that is an alternative for those who prefer the natural, homemade and delicate composition of the product! It is worth checking!

Simple natural bar deodorant

In this video, you learn how to make a deodorant bar without baking soda and with essential oils. A unique differential in fragrance!

If you were interested, but there are still doubts among so many options, understand how to choose the right deodorant for you and give something different!

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