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By Vanessa Fenelon

On August 30, 21

Masturbation and female pleasure are, even today, surrounded by many taboos. Discussing these themes is essential as it encourages women to get to know each other better and prioritize their own needs. To clarify your doubts on the subject and learn about the benefits of masturbation, check out tips and information from sex therapist Gabriela Vitor (CRP 01/18018).

8 Benefits of Masturbation That Will Convince You to Pleasure Yourself

The sex therapist comments that the practice has many benefits for mental, physical and sexual health. According to her, “talking about women’s health without mentioning female masturbation is skipping an important step.” Check out the excellent reasons given by the specialist for you to get to know your body better:

1. Favors self-knowledge and independence


Gabriela remembers that, without knowing your own vulva, you don’t know what you like and how you like it, nor how to give yourself pleasure. “Not knowing your own body is similar to living in a house you don’t know and leaving some rooms without care and attention”, he comments.

The therapist explains that, unlike joint masturbation, solitary masturbation is not sex but a way to get to know yourself better and alleviate sexual desire. And he adds: “You are your own home, so stand in front of a mirror, look at yourself, touch your vulva and research more about it.”

2. Relieves cramps and pain

In addition to being a pleasure to masturbate during menstruation, the therapist explains that, due to the excitement and hormonal changes during the period, the body releases the hormones of happiness. “Among them, we have endorphins, a powerful pain reliever that helps relieve pain.”

With the contraction of the uterus and the relaxation of the genital muscles after orgasm, the flow of menstrual blood is also favored, relieving symptoms. For those who still feel uncomfortable to touch or have sex these days, the specialist warns: “It’s nice to masturbate during your menstrual period, and we need to learn that menstruation is a natural process in our bodies.”

3. Improves mood


During masturbation and orgasm, the body also releases serotonin, the hormone responsible for balancing mood. “The benefits of this hormone are many and improve the quality of sex, appetite, sleep and memory”, explains the sex therapist.

4. Decreases anxiety and increases relaxation

This benefit is due to the action of oxytocin, also released during orgasm. As the expert explains, this hormone of happiness “enables the feeling of calm, security and reduces anxiety.”

5. Sleep aid


Gabriela explains that, with masturbation and orgasm, the pelvic floor and some muscles contract. This generates an energy expenditure similar to that of low-intensity exercises, “leaving the body tired and providing better sleep, to replace this caloric expenditure”, he comments.

6. Aids in sexual performance

The more you get to know your body, the greater the possibilities for having and pleasuring yourself. The therapist advises not to focus only on stimulating the vulva, as “breasts, legs, neck, feet, hands, stomachs and back are also pleasure zones”. And gives the following tip: “Explore these points too, along with masturbation, and write down what you liked or disliked during the act.”

7. Works the imagination in sex


For the sex therapist, imagination is a great ally to fantasize sensual and sexual situations, although this benefit is underestimated by many. She explains that “working on the imagination also helps to improve creativity, and the two together are great allies against routine and self-indulgence in relationships.”

8. It’s safe

In a context of pandemic and social isolation, masturbation also becomes a great ally. “In addition to being a technique that can, yes, be practiced alone or accompanied, it relieves the lust, even at a distance”, complements the specialist.

The therapist highlights the importance of masturbation to deconstruct female social roles that can lead to social pressure, harming sexual health. “Unfortunately, there is the concept that women do not have this need, which is strange and inconsistent with our own nature, because we have an incredible genital organ whose function is to give pleasure (the clitoris)”, he concludes.

5 videos with tips and techniques for you to masturbate more and better

Now that you know the benefits of masturbation for your sexual, physical and mental health, how about discovering the best techniques to put this idea into practice? For this, follow more professional tips in the videos below:

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In this video, Cátia Damasceno, a specialist in female sexuality, demystifies myths and truths about female masturbation, which is still the subject of much misinformation. Still have questions about the benefits of the practice? Check the explanations brought by the professional!

Masturbation and orgasm: step by step to touch and enjoy

Are you convinced of the importance and benefits of masturbation, but not sure where to start? Mônica Moura, specialist in pelvic physiotherapy and sexuality, offers great tips for you to start touching yourself and have more orgasms. See the video!

Tips for breaking taboos and practicing masturbation

Here, the sex coach Delma Eusébio comments on social and cultural factors that affect women’s freedom and sexual life, and can even cause dysfunctions and pathologies. In addition, she gives tips to get in the mood and stimulate yourself when masturbating. Get rid of taboos and get to know your body!

10 tips for good female masturbation

In this video, Rayssa talks about how to create the perfect mood for a good masturbation and explains the importance of knowing yourself to have and give yourself pleasure. Check out all the tips and techniques presented to get you there!

The secret of female masturbation

In another video by sex coach Delma Eusébio, she has a frank chat about how to start practicing masturbation, and also how it is possible to improve for those who already have this habit.

Female masturbation is only beneficial, and remember that knowing your own body is essential to enjoy alone or together. To continue this journey of self-knowledge, also check out how to enjoy alone!

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