80 ideas for tattoos full of personality


Do you want to tattoo something different, but have no idea what? Have you ever thought about getting a 3D butterfly tattoo? Super hot, it is versatile and can have several colors and sizes. It is a democratic tattoo that can please even the most demanding. See the ideas below and get inspired!

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₵ ØØⱠ ₮ ₳ ₮₮ ØØ ₱ łɆⱤ ₵ ł ₦ ₲

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Kelly Atkinson Tattooist

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We brought several inspirations for you to realize that you can customize this design your way! Do you like butterflies, but don’t know if you want to tattoo them in 3D? Okay, we have other butterfly tattoo ideas for you to check out.

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