80 ideas to express the grandeur of life


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By Thais Miwa

On 07.14.21

The universe, in all its grandeur, fascinates many people. The Universe tattoo, sometimes, can represent all the grandeur and mysticism that surrounds life and the stars. Here are some ideas to help you choose your next tattoo!

Table of Contents

1. The tattoo of the Universe is beautiful and mystical

Tici Nocito

2. In the drawing, several meanings can be incorporated

Sun Sigak

3. It’s worth abusing colors and abstract shapes

Sun Sigak

4. And uniting cosmic energy with the power of the human mind

Jules Boho

5. How about making a minimalist planetary system?


6. Or even a black hole with realistic features?

Diego Lobo

7. For those who like symbolism, this unicorn is a great idea

Sun Sigak

8. Would the universe fit in a pot?

Liisa Addi

9. And inside a gemstone?

Sun Sigak

10. One idea is to use the stippling technique for the constellations, for example


12. The Universe tattoo can be super fun!


13. Imagination surfaces with a spatial skeleton


14. After all, what secrets does the universe hide?

Sun Sigak

15. It’s worth reflecting and expressing everything in your tattoo!

Tati Ferreira

16. How about a tattoo of the Universe with geometric shapes?

Sun Sigak

17.Now the stellar universe meets the sea

Sun Sigak

18. The perfect blend of two worlds in one tattoo

Sun Sigak

19. The rectangular tattoo style appeals to everyone

Sun Sigak

20. A female face surrendered to the mysteries of the Milky Way

Jana Ina

21. A flowery universe with a unique feature

Sun Sigak

22. Or an astronaut who re-emerges in a parallel universe


23. Ideas are numerous and reveal different meanings

Sun Sigak

24. For example, this drawing, with abstract lines

Adan Carrillo

25. Or this one, with unconventional format and connected


26. See how perfect this gradient line is

Sun Sigak

27. Each living being hides a universe within itself

Tattoo With Me

28. The watercolor tattoo of the Universe is one of the most beautiful

Camilla Frazao

29. Pointillism is also the preferred technique


30. Do you like astronauts? See what an interesting design!


31. Will it be a tattoo or a work of art?

Sun Sigak

32. How about dream planets made of balloons?

For Love A La Tinta

33. And these planets linked by artistic watercolor splashes

Jules Boho

34. The moon + constellation combination is also beautiful

carbon tattoo

35. And why not a color degadrê?

Sun Sigak

36. If what you like most in the universe is the moon, see what a wonderful tattoo


37. The brushstroke style looks beautiful

Sun Sigak

38. And astronauts are always options full of personality

Luisa Herrera

39. Sky + clouds + sun = a charm or not?

Sun Sigak

40. Who commands the universe is a Goddess!

Clara Souza

41. An entire universe fits into a woman’s mind


42. And for those who believe in angels, they are also elements of the universe

Sun Sigak

43. Do you know what a tattoo of the Universe means?

Yoko & Kito Tattoo

44. Drawing conveys hope

Sun Sigak

45. It can mean an answer to dreams

Sun Sigak

46. ​​Can channel aspirations and desires for the future

Lari Walnut

47. And if you like powerful drawings


48. And that convey optimism and mysticism

Camila Claro

49. The Universe tattoo is one of the most recommended

Jessica Barros Tattoo

50. So much for its symbolism

Tati Fischer Altreiter

51. How much for your beauty

Anna Kareninja

52. And the possibility of creating with different techniques


53. Who exhibit all the power of nature and the universe

Letícia Canéo Tattoo

54. In addition to being fun and different


55. Nature’s cycles are powerful!

Yellow Ink

56. But what do you prefer:

maria ignores

57. A drawing with realistic planets and constellations

Hannah Kang

58. Or more humanoid traits?

Lozza Rach

59. Each of us is a universe!

Nathalia Correa

60. And it hides great powers within itself

Juan Espinozza

61. The universe is a great mystery

Mirella Neri

62. As well as its elements

Sun Sigak

63. When choosing a tattoo artist, take a good look at the portfolio

Felipe Hiroshi

64. And even if it’s a small tattoo

Maira Egypt

65. Strictly follow all recommended precautions

Gabriel Klopper

66. After all, each healing is unique

holy sirena

67. And it depends on care for a good result

Lorla Tattoer

68. See how a tattoo of the Universe on the shoulder looks delicate

Harshita Dave

69. In addition to being super stylish with fine features


70. Drawing can mean desire to explore

The Dark Nebula

71. A yearning for adventure

Pina Majkut

72. And the desire to seek new things

Matilde Salreta

73. An entire universe can fit into the human mind


74. Do you prefer minimalist tattoos

Garbo Tattoo

75. With almost invisible features


76. Or full of strength?

Leo Morales

77. Regardless of the design you choose


78. Put your whole personality into it


79. And let all your energy flow, through your skin

Sun Sigak

80. And from your imagination!

Renata Henriques

So, did you like the tattoo ideas of the Universe? It doesn’t matter if the art is more classic or more daring, the important thing is that you feel good with the new darling on your skin. For inspiration from symbolic designs, also check out butterfly tattoos.

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