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If you are looking for a hair transformation, but do not want to change radically, betting on medium blond hair is ideal. In fact, this nuance is one of the most classic to renew the locks, which is why several celebrities and bloggers have adopted it at some point. So, find out a little more about that tone and get inspired for your next change.

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What color is the average blonde

As the name implies, medium blond hair is an intermediate shade between light and dark blond. Therefore, to differentiate between the two ends of the blonde, the medium is the one that has the most natural aspect. This in turn, can have golden and grayish nuances that give a special touch to the average blonde.

80 photos of medium blonde hair to bet on a makeover

For anyone thinking of ever adopting blonde hair, starting at medium is the best option, since that way it is possible to make a subtle change. That way, we selected the inspirations below to give you an idea of ​​what to do on your next trip to the salon.

1. Medium blond is a natural shade


2. Which has many incredible nuances to adopt

Kristy Scott

3. From the medium blond with the most grayish bottom

Lisa Starchak

4. Even the most golden locks

Gigi Paris

5. This color has been a widely adopted trend

Rosie HW

6. Being a tone chosen by several famous

Josephine Skriver

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7. Gisele Bündchen parades in her natural tone

Gisele Bundchen

8. But she is not the only one to fall in love with color

Gigi Hadid

9. Which shows that the average blonde is here to stay

Romee Strijd

10. Hair with this nuance can vary widely

Jennifer Aniston

11. Giving a more natural and peaceful look

Amanda Seyfried

12. Which provides more harmony and naturalness to the face

Taylor Swift

13. The important thing is to use the elements to your advantage

Maria Bopp ⚡️

14. Medium blond with golden nuances makes the look warmer


15. Giving a more summery look


16. Influencers and bloggers are not left out

Lelê Saddi

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17. With medium blond hair the look can be sober

Mariana Andrade Peixoto

18. In addition to illuminating the face


19. Create a lighter and stripped style


20. Bet on braids and hairstyles that enhance nuances

Emily VanCamp

21. Use hairstyles to match your mood

Kayley Melissa

22. Another way to change is with the bangs

Ester Expposto

23. She is a good option for those who want to transform their countenances


24. Showing a more serene and gentle air

rylan olivia

25. Choose the type of cut that suits you best

Marieli Mallmann

26. Cutting also enhances color

Sanya Minette Keränen

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27. Short hair evokes medium blond hair well


28. So a good bet is the short long bob


29. If your beach is not short, choose a medium size

𝐒𝐚𝐧 𝐁𝐥𝐚𝐳𝐞

30. Easier to care for and maintain color

Julia Alcantara

31. The medium blonde gives a very empowered look

ʟᴀᴜʀᴀ ʀᴇʜᴜsᴏᴠᴀ

32. If combined with the right make

Remi Cruz

33. And with rocking parts and accessories

Daniela Pestova

34. No one will be able to hold you


35. Another way to worship the average blonde is by using the gradient

Winnipeg Hairstylist

36. Keeping the hair root in the medium blond

Oʀᴄ̧ᴜɴ Gᴜ̈ɴᴄᴀɴ

37. And pulling for a light blond just at the ends


38. This technique can be used in different ways

Anna Laura

39. But they bring an evident contrast to the hair

Kamri Noel McKnight

40. You can play with the different shades in the length


41. Famous lights are also a possibility


42. Can be very subtle along the strands


43. Or more marked and visible

Andrea Araujo

44. There are those who prefer the golden lights that illuminate the hair

Nelson Araujo

45. However, they can be more muted and match the medium tone

Marco Barranco

46. ​​If you are looking for something different, pull grayer strands


47. Which will give the illusion of lighter hair

Dylan Kitchen

48. Highlighting your face with the most neutral bottom of the hair

𝚂𝚌𝚊𝚛𝚕𝚎𝚝𝚝 𝚞𝚗𝚍𝚎𝚛𝚑𝚒𝚕𝚕 🖤

49. And that style of look will be a trend

Anıl İrtem saç tasarım 👑

50. That you can adopt and completely transform your hair


51. Bring light to the locks keeping the base of the medium blond


52. So you can blend two nuances well

Gabriela Zalewska

53. The natural way to do this is with the ombré hair style

Balayage // Color Specialist

54. That will pull from the dark nuances to the light nuances of the blonde

Pittsburgh Lived In Color

55. But making hair length more natural

Shanna Porter | Petite Stylist

56. Combine the most natural shade of blonde with a highlighted make-up


57. With more closed and marked shadow colors

Marcos Proença

58. If you want a lighter look

👑 Kristin 💋💃

59. Use mascara to highlight the look

Erin 🌻

60. Combining with a smokey eye and lashes

Marzena 🌸

61. So you will draw attention to the whole in a subtle way

Renata Santti

62. And you can enjoy a harmonious look

𝐄𝐭𝐢𝐞𝐧𝐧𝐞 𝐀𝐧𝐠𝐞𝐥𝐚

63. Another way to stand out is with lipstick


64. But you can also enjoy a lighter make


65. That gives an air of life without scoring too much


66. Use the naturalness of the average blonde to your advantage


67. When it comes to enhancing the look, bet on accessories


68. Or add a splash of color

Sarah Witmer

69. Hairstyles also help

Koto Salon

70. It is true that the medium blond is a basic color


71. That with the right touches it gets even more amazing

Valarie Austin Balayage

72. This tone has a spectacular charm


73. Leaving any hair wonderful

519 Hair & Makeup

74. The medium blond leaves the hair very shiny


75. Especially when they have lighter locks

Stephanie Martz🍃🌸🌼🌻🍃

76. But they also need to be hydrated and cared for


77. Remember that color on your next trip to the salon

pin up studio elblag

78. She could be your next transformation

Volona ForestLakes SOR

79. Change little or change a lot

Lesleigh Kent Extraordinhair

80. But definitely the medium blond hair will take your heart

MaCenna Lee

Whether to give a light or to use in the total length of the hair, the medium blond hair is great for any skin tone. Undoubtedly, this color is one that never goes out of style, in addition to giving a natural touch to the locks.

How to get to medium blond

Certainly you fell in love with this color so classic and that matches all locks. Therefore, we have selected 3 videos that will teach you how to get in so dear medium blond hair.

Which dyes to use for the average blonde

Coloring the hair can be more complex than it seems, this is because each hair has its particularity and color. Therefore, depending on the locks, only the medium blond color is not enough to achieve the color. Therefore, Alessandra Welij made a video on YouTube teaching how to get this color in different hair.

Have medium blond hair at home

Make a transformation without leaving home and, at the same time, manage to bring your hair to life. Erica de Lima from Kika’s Dikas channel, shows how to paint the locks at home with a medium blond hue and have renewed hair ready to rock.

Do it at home and have a salon result

See how to have medium blond hair with a beautiful grayish nuance. Here, Ana shows how she reached a medium grayish blond tone with a surprising result.

Certainly, medium blond hair has become an incredible option for you who want to be blonde, but have not yet had the courage to change completely. This tone gives a natural look, but with subtle touches. If you are looking for other inspirations for this tone, check out how to highlight natural blond hair and get inspired to change it a little.

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