A Monopoly “cheaters’ special” edition will be released.


Attention all compulsive cheaters, board game crooks, Monopoly bank robbers and other certified bad players: a new “cheaters’ special” version of the most famous capitalist simulation game will be released!

Hasbro Gaming


It’s a fact: Monopoly, the family game par excellence, is also the inexhaustible source of all the worst low blows, shameless treachery, arguments, scrambles and other family psychodramas. And it’s common knowledge that the game shares, with Uno and Mario Kart, the unofficial title of the greatest friend-breaker.

Hasbro, the company that distributes and publishes the Monopoly games, is well aware of all this – and it is with full knowledge of the facts, even if it means stirring up trouble in the cottages and letting whole families tear each other apart, that it has decided to capitalize on the dishonesty of the players to offer them a “special cheaters” edition!

“A recent market survey conducted by Hasbro revealed that more than half of the players already try to cheat during a Monopoly game.Jonathan Berkowitz, Hasbro’s Vice President, told INSIDER. So in 2018, we decided it was time to offer fans what they’ve been longing for all this time – a Monopoly edition that encourages cheating! »

Indeed, who hasn’t tried to quietly steal a few bucks from their neighbor? Who has never been guilty of small fraudulent arrangements with the banker? Who has never tried to slip through the net so as not to be taxed when arriving on the Rue de la Paix, which is being held by his neighbour? And who has never moved his pawn or added a hotel in defiance of the most elementary rules of property ownership throws us the first stone!

Hasbro Gaming

The Special Edition Cheaters is very similar to the classic version of the board game: here too, you will have a famous metal pawn representing a car or a top hat, which you will have to move around the board as you roll the dice, avoiding the prison square and trying to ruin your competitors through various real estate operations.

But the big difference is that the game itself will ask you to cheat, and try to get away with it without being noticed, as many times as possible during the game! In practice, you can skip squares, try to rip off your creditors by giving them slightly less money than you’re owed, discreetly slip a few banknotes into your pocket when the others have their backs turned, or take advantage of a moment of inattention to move the checkers around the board.

Worse: not only is cheating allowed, it is even rewarded! 15 special “cheat” cards are shuffled with the famous Chance and Community Chest cards, each carrying a challenge that the player can try to complete at any time during the game. If the player succeeds in completing the challenge skillfully, they can get various rewards and benefits!

Hasbro Gaming

However, if he gets caught red-handed, there are consequences: you can be fined, be forced to pay compensation to other players, be expropriated from fraudulently acquired property, and of course, end up in jail!

The latter is moreover equipped with a plastic handcuff: the offenders are thus punished by being chained to the game board…

Hasbro Gaming

One might say that with such rules, the atmosphere is likely to quickly become one of collective paranoia, and that with the banker’s increased vigilance, it could become very complicated to loot the cash register without being noticed. Fortunately, the game’s designers thought of this, and that’s why, for the very first time in the history of Monopoly, there is no banker in this edition! Each player takes it in turn to manage the bank. This gives the aspiring players the opportunity to take advantage of a moment of confusion or doubt to commit their malpractice…

There you go. There you go. The game, playable from age eight like classic Monopoly, should be available in the U.S. from autumn 2018. If no French release date is known for the moment, it is already known that it will be sold at the price of 19,99 $or approximately 16 €. It should promise us a lot of fun (or annoyance), and satisfy all inveterate cheaters.

In the meantime, if you want to practice cheating in Monopoly, you can always check out the dedicated (!) WikiHow page that explains step by step how to cheat and use various perverse schemes to achieve your goals. Of course, we decline all responsibility in case of disinheritance or untimely divorce!

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