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By Mariana Sanches

On 19.04.21

The sex toy market is constantly reinventing itself. Now and then new products appear that promise to bring new pleasures and ways to have fun alone or with other people. If you’re up to date, you’ve probably heard of the famous clitoris sucker. But if you still don’t know what this toy is, we’ll explain everything here!

What is the clitoris sucker

The clitoris sucker is nothing more than a sex toy that stimulates the clitoral region through suction.
Fernanda Garbe, from Soul Atelier, explains that the differential and what makes him one of the most famous vibrators in the world is the area in which he acts: the clitoris. “With about 8,000 nerve endings, this organ (the clitoris) is solely and exclusively responsible for giving pleasure to women, and when stimulated through sucking it is possible to reach orgasm in a few minutes.”

How to use the clitoris sucker and have unforgettable moments of pleasure

If you are familiar with more classic vibrators and want to know the sex toy of the moment, then the suggestion is to check out all the tips and care that we have separated for you to use the clitoris sucker safely and enjoy all the pleasures that this toy can offer. Just take a look:

Some precautions when using your clitoris sucker

Young and Wild

There are vibrators that are double, vibrate and suck. Just as there are those who only stimulate by sucking – which is the case with the clitoris sucker! And to use the sex toy, just move the big lips away from the vagina, and position the stimulator over the clitoris. There is no need to rub, or make any kind of movement – the toy does everything by itself. Fernanda recalls that “masturbation with the stimulator is better and more comfortable when there is the use of water-based lubricant, which prevents cracks and bruises from friction. To do this, simply apply the lubricant to the entire area of ​​the clitoris and vagina before putting the toy to work.

You have no specific position to reach orgasm with the sucker, but it is essential to be relaxed. About this intimate moment, sexologist Maria Beatriz (CRP 08/22019) reinforces that what will really make a person reach an orgasm is the amount of self-knowledge she has. “What is more important is that the person is relaxed, to be delivered in that situation. If there is any bond, taboo or guilt for using this stimulation to have pleasure individually or together, the woman will hardly be able to enjoy this stimulation enough to be able to really reach an orgasm.

According to the sexologist, there are many factors that will contribute to the person really reaching an orgasm or not, that is, it is not just about stimulation. “Some women already have a certain difficulty in reaching orgasm, others do not even know what it is, due to a precarious sex education, as we all have: a very repressive sex education, with a lot of guilt. So, because of that, you might end up buying the idea that a sex toy is going to solve the problem – and not necessarily. ”

Another point of extreme importance is the care you must take with the toy. “It is essential to always remember to clean the vibrators and stimulators correctly, washing them with water, neutral liquid soap and drying them well before storing. If hygiene is not done correctly, the sex toy may have accumulated secretions and cause serious infections! ”, Warns the owner of Soul Atelier.

Did you write down all the tips? So let’s reinforce here: always remember to clean and take care of your sex toy. Oh, and no fuss: enjoy the moment, be relaxed and don’t cover yourself so much. Knowing your body and going little by little, you can explore and learn what you like or dislike!

The best clitoris suckers

Are you curious and want to know more about the clitoris suckers available on the market? For this, we separated a list with the best sex toys, with the classification of advantages and prices. Check only:

1. Vibrator Sugator 1 Intt – $$

At one end a sucker with 3 suction intensities, at the other end a vibrator with 7 levels of vibration and pulsation that make your moment even more fun.

“Affordable price, surgical silicone and can be used on the nipple” – Intt Cosméticos

2. Octopi Vibrator – $$

One of the cheapest suckers on the market, it is also anatomical, discreet and with a mega cute design. It is important to be well seated on the clitoris. It is smooth and subtle. Great for those just starting out.

“Soft, discreet and silent mouthpiece” – Luana Lumertz

3. Satisfyer PRO 2 Next Generation – $$$

Vibrator with German technology that was developed to suck the clitoris without discomfort and without touching the clitoris. This vibrator has 11 intensities and has a silicone mouthpiece that can be removed for washing.

“Waterproof, magnetic and silent recharger” – Luana Lumertz

4. Satisfyer Pro Penguin Next Generation – $$$

It is a soft product, reminiscent of human skin. With 11 levels of vibration, it is very quiet and with a very practical anatomical shape.

“It is not made of latex, magnetic recharger and a different design” – Delma Eusébio

5. Sensevibe Fast – $$$ Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator

It fits in the palm of your hand and is perfect to use alone, or accompanied, with your partnership. There are several ways to play with this stimulator. He’s very, very, very powerful, as well as being super-silent.

“Anti-allergic, potent and waterproof silicone” – Sâmarah Batista

6. Roy – $$$ Vibrator

This sucker can be fitted into the vaginal canal, without the need to use your hands. It also simulates tongue movements for a completely new oral sex experience.

“USB charger, more power and more pressure.” – Luana Lumertz

7. Miss UU – $$$

In a silicone-coated squirrel shape, this sex toy has 10 different vibration modes and 10 suction modes. It is ideal for use in lesbian sex as it can be used by two women at the same time.

“Elaborate, anatomical design and with USB charger.” – Dona Coelha

8. Mis VV – $$$

Made with material pleasant to the touch and with a charming and discreet design, this sucker has 3 different suction modes. The attached bullet has 10 vibration modes, so it is extremely powerful.

“2 in 1: clitoris suction and bullet, easy to handle and discreet.” – Dona Coelha

9. Sensevibe Lick – $$$

At one end of this product is a firm and exciting tongue that simulates licking. At the other end, the stimulation is due to pressure waves.

“5 modes of vibration, compact and discreet design.” – Luana Lumertz

10. Tornado Intt Clitoris Massager and Stimulator – $$$$

This sex toy can be used for both vaginal and clitoral stimulation. It has a handle that makes it easy to hold the vibrator and is made with surgical silicone, having a very velvety touch.

“Magnetic charger, 9 vibration modes and surgical silicone.” – Miess Ecommerce

11. Ivy- $$$$ suction vibrator

In addition to stimulating the clitoris, this toy can also be used as a penetration vibrator. It is very adjustable and has control for two different engines.

“Silent, 5 suction intensities and 10 vibration intensities.” – Luana Lumertz

12. Sensevibe Plus clitoral stimulator – $$$$$

Made with non-toxic material, this product consists of two independent motors with 11 suction intensities and 11 vibration intensities. The motors can be started simultaneously or individually.

“Delicate design, 11 suction intensities and 11 vibration intensities.” – Thalita Cesário

With all this information it is easier to choose which sucker is right for you! Always remember to research very well before buying, after all, each sex toy has its advantages, purposes and peculiarities.

Where can you buy the clitoris sucker

Now that you know what different types of clitoris suckers are out there, how about buying one to call your own? We separate the best sites on the internet. It has from simpler suckers, to more complex toys and with other functions. Throw yourself!

  1. Satisfyer clitoris sucker, at Apimentou
  2. Tornado Massager and Clitoral Stimulator, at Intt Store
  3. Octopi Vibrator, at Loja Y
  4. Suction vibrator, in Brilliance Prohibited
  5. Egg clitoral vibrator, in Glow Prohibited
  6. Miss UU, at Miess

Did you like to meet another sex toy that can be a great ally in the hours of pleasure? So, be sure to check out our anal plug article and discover other ways to have fun!

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