Accessories for Evening Dresses with Neckline


The time for the party that you longed for has come, but the problem is that you do not know what accessories to wear with your evening dress. Well, worry no more because here in this article I will tell you what are the accessories for evening dresses with neckline:

– It does not matter if it is summer or winter, the ideal is to wear stockings, so that your legs are not seen.

– Shoes must always be very high heels, preferably stilettos or fine heels, and you have to combine it with your bag that you will carry. Well, save your low shoes for other occasions and show off your legs and your figure with some beautiful heels. You should choose a pair of shoes with which you can feel very comfortable and can walk without any difficulty.

accessories-for-an-evening-dress-with-neckline2– Glitter accessories are ideal to use with an evening dress, as it will highlight your appearance more.

– As for your wallet, I recommend that you carry a handbag, but it has to be very small and stylish. It can be black, gold and silver are the most suitable colors.

– With regard to coats, if you are going to a night party in summer you can use a scarf or a sheer fabric scarf. A little more closed shawls are perfect to accompany a suit for a mid-season party. But if the party takes place in the winter season, you should choose synthetic leathers or pashminas, and not jackets, since these are only suitable to be worn with pants.

accessories-for-an-evening-dress-with-neckline6How to choose the appropriate necklace for the different necklines: Elegant or simple, delicate or daring, choosing the right necklace will flatter whatever neckline you choose.

– You must take into account the type of event. Choose a simple and understated design for a daytime event, and a more extravagant or worthy one for an evening event.

– Highlight a V neck with a drop peel necklace or just an earring. The same piece will also complete the round and horizontal necklines. You must combine the colors of the details with those of your dress and earrings.

– Complete the strapless necklines with a collar a little tight on the neck. Pair an illusion gem with an invisible strap and a top made of silk or satin. Add a touch of elegance with a string of pearls.

accessories-for-an-evening-dress-with-neckline4– Intensify a turtleneck or high neck sweater with a long necklace of very colorful beads. Beautiful pebbles work great with a daytime look, while a crystal necklace adds glamor to an evening look.

– Combine a square neckline with some earrings that hang from a very long chain. But you must take into account the height of the one that hangs between the clavicles.

– Remember that the necklaces will attract more attention on the part of the look and on the neckline. But if you want to distract attention in those areas, you should avoid any accessories.


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