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What is it and how to follow a capillary schedule? We took these and other doubts about him with the hairdresser and colorist Duda Mioto. To also check out products, videos and which table is right for you, check out the full article!

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What is a capillary schedule?

The hairdresser points out that the hair schedule is a treatment schedule for hair that can be done at home or in the salon, and usually lasts 30 days. It is a reference that helps you replenish the necessary nutrients for 100% healthy hair, since chemical procedures and excessive use of heat in the strands can cause damage and leave hair dry, dull and frizzy. Remember that the schedule is suitable for all hair types!

Capillary schedule steps

The capillary schedule consists of 3 stages. Each offers properties that your locks need. Check out more about each one and become an expert in yarn health!



Hydration replenishes water and nutrients, leaving hair soft and shiny. Duda says that all hair needs to be hydrated, even virgin hair, because the aggressions suffered on a daily basis damage the hair and open the scales, causing split ends.

Remember to respect the time indicated on the hydration mask packaging. Also, be careful not to overdo the hydration, as this can cause excessive oiliness.



It replenishes the necessary lipids and restores the natural oiliness of the strands. Nutrition is indicated for dry, motionless and opaque hair. Again, do not sin by the excess, this can leave the hair heavy, with extreme greasiness and a “greasy” hair aspect.

The hairdresser draws attention to the products used in this step: often the home treatments are made with masks of industrialized foods or fruits, but Duda warns that the pesticides or the chemistry contained in some of these products can damage the threads, so be aware! A product suitable for hair may be more suitable.

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Brittle, porous hair subjected to chemical processes (discoloration, dyeing, among others) are the ones that most need reconstruction. It replenishes keratin, restores the stiffness and strength of the strands. It is important to perform this process at least once a month.

But be careful: the excess can make the wire very stiff and cause it to break. It should be done at most every 15 days.

“There is no rule or correct table, what we must do is analyze what the hair is needing and feel how it reacts to each process”, says Duda. The schedule is a reference for hair care, but who will tell you what he needs most are your own wires!

Capillary schedule products

We have separated some products that you can use during your hair schedule! Look what they are:

1. Novex treatment cream – $

This is a complete product, made from vegetable collagen and is more focused on the reconstruction stage. It is indicated to maintain care when you need practicality, you know? It even promises to increase the diameter of the wires!

“It is a very good cream and has a cheap price, so I think Novex was right!” – Carol Kyoko

2. Skala capillary schedule kit – $

This is a kit with 3 treatment creams to facilitate your schedule. So, you’re ready to hydrate, nourish and rebuild your locks! Oh, and with a super affordable price!

“These masks I super ultra mega indicate, they are masks that I tested, retested, left in my mother’s hair, left in my niece’s hair and gave a nice effect.” – Denison Diamond

3. Soul Power Anti-Dry Mask – $

The Soul Power mask is a complete product, containing the 3 stages of the schedule. Promotes soft yarns and the best: very practical!

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“They are very concentrated and very powerful!” – Mari Morena

4. Salon Line capillary schedule kit – $$

If you are looking for a mask kit, take a look at this one! The products of the beautiful “Meu lisa” by Salon Line are ideal for the capillary schedule for straight hair!

“They will help to make your hair more straight and it does not contain any chemicals!” – Flaviana Viana

5. Lola – $$$ capillary schedule kit

This is a complete kit for your schedule: hydration, nutrition and reconstruction masks. They are 100 grams, ideal for you to test the products. But the brand also has the same masks in a larger size, it’s up to you!

“So, yes, with absolute certainty this Lola kit has the Mari quality seal, guys, believe me, it is a kit that is very worthwhile!” – Mari Morena

Videos and reports about the capillary schedule

To know everything about the schedule, check out these videos of tips and experiences with him! Release the play and feel your threads thanking you!

All about the schedule + tips

Tamires Maia tells us how he sets up his hair schedule and which products he most recommends. She explains how each step works, how often she performs each one, and gives tips for customizing your own schedule.

5 mistakes not to make in the capillary schedule

The video will teach you what needs to be avoided during the process! Thus, you will have more chances of obtaining an impeccable result! Release play and write everything down!

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Timeline for growth

If you are looking for hair growth, this video is for you! It has tips to stimulate growth and achieve the longest of dreams. The hair schedule will help you keep your hair healthy and even more beautiful. Take a look!

Tips to identify what your hair needs

To create autonomy, it’s a great idea to know how to identify what your hair needs at the moment. Thus, the schedule becomes even more personalized and efficient. So it is worth checking out the video and discovering how to understand your locks.

So excited to start your hair schedule? Take advantage of all the tips and get more beautiful and healthy hair. For this, check out these hair oil options that can help you!

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