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Do you agree with the sentence that says “intelligence is an aphrodisiac”? Are you much more interested in a person’s intellect than their beauty? So, maybe you’re sapiosexual and you don’t even know it. Never heard of that? It’s all right. We talked to psychologist Marcela Bohn to understand more about what sapiosexuality is, after all. Check out!

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What is sapiosexual?

According to Marcela, sapiosexual is a term used to define people who are sexually attracted to intelligence. “A sapiosexual is attracted and involved by the intelligence of the other above any physical, aesthetic, social attribute, etc.”, explained the psychologist.

In addition to having explanations in the individual history of each person, the relevance of intelligence when looking for a partner can be directly linked to the theory of the evolution of the species. According to Marcela, “intelligence being a factor that determines the ability to survive, cognitive skills and the ability to solve problems can generate feelings of security, admiration and affiliation, characteristics that contribute to sexual desire”. It’s not interesting?

Characteristics of sapiosexual

A sapiosexual person usually instigates conversations with more intellectualized content and these contents soon also arouse sexual desire. Check out other features to find out if you identify yourself:

  • Doesn’t care about age or beauty: the sapiosexual is attracted, both sexual and romantic, to educated, intelligent and charismatic people.
  • Try to write and communicate in the right way: and this is something that you notice a lot when looking for a partner.
  • It gives value to other riches: the books a person has read or movies he has seen say more than clothes and possessions.
  • Has emotional intelligence: a sapiosexual person appreciates maturity, someone who knows how to solve problems and understand the feelings of others.
    • It is worth remembering that so far there is no scientific evidence regarding sapiosexuality and that the above characteristics are a generalized way of describing people who are attracted to the intellect.

      Videos and reports about sapiosexuality

      Is the intelligence of your love a trigger for sexual arousal? So, learn more about it from the videos below:

      Physical attraction and sapiosexuality

      Clearly, psychologist Marisa de Abreu explains that feeling attracted to a person can involve much more than her body.

      Find out if you are sapiosexual

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      Marilyn Jane presents some of the characteristics about sapiosexuality. Did you identify yourself?

      Does sapiosexuality have to do with age?

      How many people do you know who put the intellect at the heart of a romantic interest? Does it come with age? This episode of As Perennials talks about it.

      Reading is very important for the sapiosexual. How about increasing your reading horizons? Meet 25 famous writers who can’t miss your library.

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