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Dressing for an afternoon or evening event can be easy if you take into account all the recommendations and tips that you will find in this interesting article about the beautiful classic party dresses.

How To Choose The Best Classic Party Dresses

1. The type of event. This is a very important point that you should always keep in mind, whether you are looking for a suitable style for an event during the day or for a party at night. And the thing is, many girls forget the type of party they are going to go to and feel like it is too much or too little.

Remember, it is not the same to go to an afternoon wedding, a date night related to our company or a graduation in which you are the guest or the honoree.

For example, for a wedding you have to avoid white, unless the bride tells you to use it. For a business dinner you can wear a sober black dress. In case you are invited to a graduation, you have to choose a more casual outfit than the protagonist.

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2. The Place. Before starting with the search for your perfect dress with which you will become the soul of the party, it is very important that you take into account the characteristics of the place where the party is going to take place, more than anything so that you can highlight options.

For example, for a wedding that takes place on the beach, it is recommended to use a more bohemian style made of fluid fabrics that do not suffocate you. If the wedding is in the country and in gardens or in rainy territory, it is better that you opt for a short dress that does not drag on the floor.

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3. Question of physiognomy: color and silhouette. If you are clear about the type of event and where it will take place, half the task is done.

Now that you have launched the search, it is essential that you know yourself perfectly, know what your body is like and what designs best highlight your attributes; as well as the tone of your skin and your hair color so that you can choose the tones that best suit you.

All women have areas and characteristics that you want to enhance and others that we prefer to hide, in the interest of feeling comfortable with a certain design and becoming the perfect guests. Therefore, it is very important that you take into account the following:

  • As for color, most fashion professionals say that in the case of brunette women, red is the most flattering color, in addition to other intense colors such as violets, greens, garnets and blues.
  • For brown skin, nude color, metallics, turquoise and earth tones are also recommended.
  • If you are blonde and have pale skin, I advise you to choose shades such as sky blue, cherry red, pinks and purples.
  • If you have fair skin and reddish hair, it is recommended that you choose green and pastel shades.

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4. The Fabric. This point is closely related to the first two, that is, with the type of party, the place where it celebrates and the season of the year in which we are. For example, to go to an event on the beach, it is not ideal that you choose a dress with a sumptuous and warm fabric. For a cold date outside, you have to choose an excessively light and airy model.

It is also very important that you take into account the accessories that you are going to use with your party dress. If you are wearing a dress loaded with embroidery and appliqués, it is a great idea to choose accessories that are more discreet and minimalist.

But if you wear a more sober or monochrome dress, you can choose some exceptional accessories that will lift up your whole look.

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Tips To Take Care Of Your Classic Dresses

Wash them in the dry cleaner. Don’t make the mistake of washing your dresses in the washing machine. For example, a sequined dress can be completely ruined if one of these embellishments gets caught somewhere in the washing machine.

After wearing your elegant dresses, you have to take them to a dry cleaner: there are people who specialize in the care of delicate garments, with dry cleaning and other procedures that will leave your dress as good as new.

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Take care of it while you use it. Be very careful with the glasses, because a good wine stain is very difficult to remove. And when eating, try not to leak each bite you put into your mouth, to avoid staining your dress. You can also place a cloth or paper napkin on the legs.

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Please save it accordingly. To do this, you must have a special suit cover bag, which will protect your dress from possible stains and dust. Hang it inside the garment cover to avoid wrinkling and make sure the place where you are going to keep it is free of moths.

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Well, I hope I have helped you find or buy your ideal dress for an important event.

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