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Gray toner is a great option for those who want to temporarily enhance or change the color of their hair without damaging them. But it is important to choose good products to achieve the desired result. So, check out the best shades and beautiful gray hair photos full of personality and style.

What is the gray tint for

The gray tint is a product similar to the semi-permanent dye that deposits color pigments in the most superficial layer of the threads. The product corrects and enhances hair color without causing damage. On the market there are versions formulated with actives that treat the hair fiber while coloring. In addition, gray colorant can also be used to neutralize unwanted tones of blond and gray hair.

The best gray colorants

Below, you can check out a selection of the best colorants according to the opinions of blockers who have tested the products:

1. Bioseve Toner Graphite Shine Bath – $

Bioseve’s colorant, in addition to being a vegan product, treats the threads while coloring. In addition, it is formulated with amino acids and jojoba oil that provide hydration and shine to the hair.

“Dude, my hair has a shine, it’s soft, it’s good right? […] I liked it a lot because the graphite gray didn’t turn into that lead gray, it turned into a light gray.” – Thaise Silva

2. Dark Gray Keraton Graphite Toner – $$

This tint is perfect for anyone looking to achieve a darker shade of gray. Keraton’s product can also be used between dyes, post-relaxation and post-permanent without damaging the threads. Because, in addition to having a toning function, the product acts as a moisturizing mask and treats the threads while coloring.

“There was a soft hair, you know?! […] I didn’t feel hydration, I felt nutrition, I felt that my hair was well nourished. […] I really liked it, it’s a product that I’ll definitely use again in two months.” – Lu Mouriño Channel

3. Salon Line Color Express Graphite Dark Gray Toner – $$

Salon Line was not left behind and also launched the Color Express gray coloring line. This is another option for those who want a more intense tone for graphite gray. The brand’s product also has a moisturizing function and can be used after chemical processes without damaging the hair.

“The first time I painted it it was very gray and the second time you wash it, a little excess comes off. […] So, this result is a few days later, which I washed to be able to remove the excess. It got this very dark gray at the root, the tips become more silver and I love this result!” – Luci Gonçalves

4. Super Gray Color Amend Toner – $$

Amend is one of the best cosmetic brands specializing in hair care and beauty. The brand’s toner is rich in silk amino acids that hydrate and provide intense shine to the threads. In addition to the treatment and toning function, the product neutralizes coppery tones.

“I thought it was going to get too dark, but it didn’t, I loved it! […] I really liked the color he [o cabelo] stayed and probably closer to the root it will clear faster than at the tips.” – ferkuzma

5. Avora Splendore Gray Toner – $$

The great advantage of this toner is that it has 3D plant technology that prolongs the release of actives. The product is formulated with rice biopeptides and essential oils. These components hydrate and protect the hair, keeping the color and shine for much longer.

“I stayed with him for almost an hour in my hair, but don’t do it at home, especially if you’re blond, the ideal is about 20 minutes. As my idea was to make it very gray, maybe a little purple, it was good!! Not to mention that it hydrated very cool, and filled with shine!! It’s going to become my “way” to avoid getting blonde!!” – Being Gigi

6. Toner Silver Gray Alpha Line – $$$

If you are looking for a colorant rich in actives to treat your hair and reduce damage caused by chemical treatments, the colorant from Alpha Line is a good option. The product is formulated with nanospheres of avocado, sesame, shea butter and panthenol oils. These actives provide the necessary nutrients to keep the hair healthy for longer.

“It really hydrates like hell and you visibly have a result that your hair has been given a nice treat. […] I did lights yesterday and I’m using it today, but I happened to finish making the lights and I already tinted and it was super ok. The treatment in this case was very effective, he did hydrate and recovered a good part of the damage.” – Ane Caroline

7. Toner Kamaleão Color – Polar Bear – Gray – $$$

Kamaleão Color Toner is another vegan product not tested on animals. Its formula does not contain parabens, feroxides and ammonia. In addition, the toner promises a vibrant gray and hydrated hair. For this, the brand advises to use the product in discolored threads in volume 10 or lighter to achieve the desired tone.

“I really loved the color that was left, I really loved people. It was very gray […] the color I wanted […] I think it’s one of the best I’ve ever used.” – Joanna Silva

Now that you know what the best brands are, just buy your gray tint and look amazing!

15 photos of gray hair to transform the strands

Still wondering if you should change your look? So, check out some beautiful gray hair photos that will help you decide, check it out:

1. Gray hair became a sensation among women

Camila Santana

2. You can achieve the tone with dye or with tinting

Sarah Louwho

3. Color makes hair dazzling


4. It’s perfect for those who want to be daring with style

Madeleine Schoen

5. And make the look more authentic


6. There are lighter tone options

Molly Bee

7. Or darker like graphite gray


8. You can tint the gray strands to bring out the color


9. Or combine two shades of gray


10. The color looks beautiful on long hair

Kay Bee

11. Emphasizes curly and short strands

Camila Santana

12. And highlights the modern haircuts

Su Braga

13. Just choose the ideal tone


14. To achieve a striking look

Jessica Things

15. Full of style and authenticity!

Nath Araújo

Changing your look is always good for improving self-esteem and attracting new energy, isn’t it? So, check out suggestions for modern haircuts to give more style to your gray locks.

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