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Your nail will look even more amazing with these francesinha nail polish options. This technique fell in favor of women and over time has been gaining new versions. Traditionally it started with white, but now the color chart is much bigger. Check out!

What is the best glaze for francesinha

For your francesinha to be a success, it is very important to use a quality product. According to the manicurist Dani Lima, “you can use any nail polish to make the francesinha”. In other words, a specific nail polish is not necessary to perform the technique, but the professional recommends some models for those who want that traditional white and very delicate version:

  • “Dream” (Impala): Want a more shiny and pearly effect? that’s the right choice;
  • “Coconut Milk” (Colorama): with this product the nails are more transparent and with a more subtle effect;
  • “White Petal” (Colorama): this nail polish is perfect to combine with transparent or pale nails, as the white is very evident;
  • Now just choose the products that best fit the proposal you want. You can even combine them, using one for the base and the other for the francesinha.

    how to make francesinha

    Angelita Souza

    How about learning how to make francesinhas? Although the finish looks difficult, it is possible to reproduce this technique at home. And if you are a professional in the field, you will please your clients even more. Follow the step-by-step recommended by Dani manicure for the final result to be amazing:

  1. Step 1: prepare the nail by sanding in the desired shape, removing the cuticle and polishing;
  2. Step 2: always start the enameling with an alloy base and then apply the scintillant;
  3. Step 3: Make the trace of the francesinha, following the shape of the nail, always with a lot of concentration because it needs to be very linear. This line can be done with a fine brush, with the enamel brush itself or with your finger;
  4. Step 4: Run a hand of the chosen nail polish. If you like more evident color, use two hands to make the color stronger;
  5. Step 5: Finish with extra shine to fix the nail polish for a longer time and leave a very beautiful shine.

Now it’s just a matter of training a lot so that the stroke becomes more and more standardized.

Where can you buy francesinha nail polish

To start venturing into the world of nail design, choose your favorite colors and check out some stores to buy the nail polishes:

  1. Enamel wine at the Eudora Store
  2. Purple enamel at the Kutiz Store
  3. Lace enamel at Droga Raia Pharmacy
  4. Variety of glazes at Lojas Americanas
  5. Colored nail polishes at the Submarino Store
  6. Assorted nail polishes at the Amazon Store

With so much diversity of products, you can try out the most neutral options and also venture into colorful compositions. All the best!

15 photos of French nails to decide your favorite style

In the past, when people thought about francesinha, they already imagined something very delicate, straight and white. This proposal has not gone out of style, but this style of line has gained new colors and styles that are also worthwhile. Check it out:

1. The francesinhas are a classic

Maria Nail Salon

2. The dash can be oval-shaped

Renata Góis

3. Or in the straight line

Studio Isabela Nails

4. Innovate with diagonal francesinha

Luana Lima

5. Or bet on the thin, discreet line

Glamor Touch Enamel

6. A splash of color is always good

Fip Studio

7. Even a rainbow can be created

Studio Jessica Coelho

8. It is not necessary to do the francesinha on all the nails

Tatiane Rodrigues

9. The nude foundation is perfect to unleash creativity in the colors of the lines

Lady&Bella Enamel

10. It is possible to mix two different colors

Dani Lima Nails

11. To create a fun effect, bet on a neon color

Marilyn enamel

12. Finish with a glossy adhesive

Loohu Nails

13. The combination of matte foundation with glossy line looks amazing

Gabi Cavalcante

14. The important thing is to unleash creativity

Karin Marchi

15. The francesinha will close her design with a golden key

Malli Rio

With this complete guide it is easier to make your nails wonderful. And to keep learning about new variations of this technique, check out these beautiful reverse francesinha ideals.

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