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By Isla Ramos

On 08.03.21

Products with more natural ingredients in the beauty routine, such as crystal deodorant, have become a trend. Therefore, the dermatologist and trichologist Joana D’arc Diniz (CRM: 67786-8 RJ), Scientific Director of the Brazilian Society of Aesthetic Medicine and the Brazilian Hair Society (RJ) spoke a little more about it. See below!

what is crystal deodorant

According to Joana, this product is a natural deodorant without perfume and made from mineral salts, that is, from the alum stone, which is a compound of aluminum and potassium. Its formulation is simpler than conventional deodorants, as the dermatologist points out: “it does not contain alcohol and does not have chemical elements that can be carcinogenic, such as paraben (a preservative used in most beauty and hygiene products) that are harmful to health and they are also phthalate-free, very common also in numerous plastic packages and which, during processing, run the risk of “contaminating” the products”.

The function of crystal deodorant is to prevent underarm odor through its natural antibacterial capacity. “It is worth noting that natural crystal deodorant is only made from alum stone. This is because there are versions on the market that use ammonium alum, which in this case is synthetic and undergoes a chemical process”, completes Joana.

Benefits and contraindications


When we come across unknown products, we immediately think about what benefits this product brings or what are the contraindications for its use, right? Thus, to resolve these doubts about the crystal deodorant, follow the matter!

6 benefits of crystal deodorant

  1. Reduces underarm perspiration without clogging pores: “due to its properties it manages to reduce in a smooth and natural way body perspiration from the armpits, but without clogging the pores”, comments Joana.
  2. Does not cause toxicity in the body: according to the specialist, this happens because it is a product of natural origin and without the addition of chemical compounds.
  3. It has astringent and antiseptic action: “the properties of the potassium alum of crystal deodorant have an astringent and antiseptic action. And, although it is not an antiperspirant, that is, it does not prevent sweating, it also does not allow it to cause a bad smell where it is applied, as the substance is able to inhibit the odor”, explains Joana.
  4. Good alternative for sensitive skin: the dermatologist explained that because it is natural, it is a good alternative for people with allergies and sensitive skin.
  5. Ingredients that are not absorbed by the body: “Crystal deodorants have the advantage that their ingredients are not absorbed by the body, because large molecules are used in their manufacture, which therefore does not allow absorption”, explains Joana.
  6. Does not cause stains: According to Joana “since the product is made up of natural minerals, it will not cause stains, in addition to having no smell. The substances form an invisible, odorless and colorless film on the skin, which protects and inhibits the proliferation of bacteria that cause the bad odor”.


Now, regarding contraindications, the dermatologist clarifies that there is no contraindication. However, “you must keep an eye out if you have any adverse or allergic reaction in the area. If this happens, suspend the application immediately and see a dermatologist”.

When using crystal deodorant, there are some tips to ensure the product’s performance. Continue the story and write it down!

How to use crystal deodorant


Ready to write down all the dermatologist’s tips? Check out the step by step that Joana listed, since, in general, the product comes in a stone format:

  • Wet the crystal with a little water;
  • Gently wipe clean underarms;
  • Wait for it to dry before getting dressed;
  • If the region where the product was applied gets wet, reapply it to avoid losing the effect;
  • If there is or feel the need during the day, even without wetting the area, reapply the deodorant.

Following this step-by-step is essential to ensure the product’s durability and makes a total difference!

The best crystal deodorants

When looking for a crystal deodorant, prefer vegan alternatives and with ingredients of natural origin. And, thinking about it, follow the short list listed by the dermatologist:

1. Crystal Stick Lafe’s Natural Deodorant – $$

Formulated with Potassium alum crystal, the product offers protection for up to 24 hours. With anatomical shape, it is easy to apply and has high yield.

“This crystal deodorant has, as a benefit, the long durability of the product, in addition to not causing stains on clothes. It also brings very good results in containing antibacterial and regional odors” – Joana D’arc Diniz

2. Alva Naturkosmetik Deodorant Stick Kristall Sensitive – $$

Alva Naturkosmetik is a German brand recognized for its natural products. Crystal deodorant does not contain alcohol, dyes, perfumes and aluminum hydrochloride which has the potential to clog pores.

“It has a great effect on not leaving the armpits with bad odor. Despite the high price, it is cost-effective due to the long life of the product as well as its functionality. It is super smooth, odorless and colorless” – Joana D’arc Diniz

3. Vegan Mineral Deodorant Crystal Delicat-Kelse Cosmetics – $$$

With an innovative proposal, this deodorant is totally vegan and leaves your armpits soft and protected. The product’s detox effect promises to expel the toxins and residues left over from other products.

“Specifically suitable for fans of veganism, as it is completely natural even on the packaging. It fulfills the proposal well, as it controls odors and does not clog pores. It also has the function of eliminating the residues of other used products in the first few days. It also has no smell and no stain” – Joana D’arc Diniz

In addition to crystal deodorant, there are many options for natural products within the slow beauty movement, so if you care about the environment and are adapting to natural treatment alternatives, you will love to get involved!

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