Business Greeting Christmas Cards : Guide To Choosing The Best

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Planning the right kind of business greeting Christmas cards isn’t that time-consuming if you start planning now. Kudos for even wanting to make the move now.

There are experiences we have encountered in which people forget to attend to business greetings because of the other tasks that got in the way. While they eventually had a chance to fix the situation, you can be sure that nothing beats being ready before Christmas knocks at the door.

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The last thing that you want to worry about is what the wordings of your business greeting Christmas cards should be.

So, you are doing the right thing reading this article. Whatever plan you have for your colleagues, boss, and clients this Christmas, you should consider sending them custom-made business greeting Christmas cards. But then, what should be your greeting or message?

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Find below our guide to how to write business greeting Christmas cards

1. Start with a Christmas Greeting

Start with a Christmas Greeting

Don’t get carried away by the goal of your greeting cards. We understand that you are sending it to a client, boss, or colleague at work. Still, that shouldn’t stop you from starting with a Christmas greeting.

Begin with “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays”. From there, you can begin to talk about your wishes for your business and theirs as the New Year approaches.

By starting with a Christmas greeting, you can set the tone between you and the recipient of your greeting card.

2. Use Professional or Formal Title

Use Professional or Formal Title CHRISTMAS CARDS

Don’t get it twisted, you shouldn’t get on the toes of the recipient of your business greeting Christmas card. It doesn’t matter if they are your colleagues at work, clients, or bosses, use their formal title.

This is important especially when you are writing on behalf of your business instead of as an individual or family to the family of another colleague, client, or boss.

3. Incorporate Christmas Jokes

Incorporate Christmas Jokes

Don’t forget to make your recipient laugh in a good way. In the spirit of Xmas, you can’t afford to be too professional and boring with your business greeting Christmas cards.

So, incorporate Christmas jokes. But you shouldn’t take this overboard so as not to lose face with your colleague, client, or boss. Some don’t even like to enjoy the idea of joking, so it’s okay if you don’t by this tip.

Above all, keep the humor within the theme of Christmas.

For example, you can say, “May your fun be large and your bills are small this year.” is a funny way to catch fun during this season using business greeting Christmas cards.

4. Include Religious Quotes.

Include Religious Quotes

Unlike the first two in this guide, including religious quotes in business greeting Christmas cards is going to be a personal decision.

To do this, you should have understood the religious perspective of your colleague, client, or boss. Having a good understanding of their religious beliefs will help you to quote the right message that respects their perspective.

You should also know that there are certain religious quotes. It’s best to stick to those.

For example, it’s okay to wish them thus: As you rejoice for the miracle of this great season, I wish that your heart gets filled with joy and peace. May the blessings of this season remain in your home and abide with you throughout the year.

As you can see, such a message does not make any reference to any religious belief. It’s the kind of prayer that anyone can shout “Amen” to irrespective of their perspective.

5. End it with your Name or Company’s Name

End it with your Name or Company’s Name

Your business greeting Christmas cards should end with the name of the sender – your name or your company’s name where applicable.

And you should write this in full. No matter the kind of relationship you share with the recipient outside of business, you should identify yourself in full. Also, you should include your title if applicable.

30 Business Greeting Messages For Christmas Cards


Sending business greeting Christmas cards to your colleague should be the right mix of attention to the professionalism and personality of the recipient.

Our best 5 guides above should help you get started on this journey. It’s commendable that you are making the plan on time.

You can never be too early in this affair.

This is us also wishing you the peace, joy, love, beauty, goodwill, and grace of Christmas.

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