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By Isla Ramos

On April 23, 2001

The double chin can be caused by several factors and there are treatments that provide excellent results, acting directly on the problem. To learn more, we consulted the plastic surgeon André Eyler (CRM: 667862 / RJ), graduated from the renowned school of the Federal University of RJ, member of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Check out!

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What causes the double chin

According to André, the main factors that cause the problem are: genetics, obesity and overweight, as well as the accordion effect. Another factor is the natural action of time – aging, which causes the appearance of flaccidity and fat in the region. Did you know that in addition to these factors, the shape of the face also influences? André comments that hypomentonism, for example, that is, people who have a small chin and disproportionate to the rest of the face, usually have the problem and are even more prone to the accumulation of fat below the chin or just the impression of a double chin. .

”As the chin is one of the corners of the beauty triangle, it makes a difference in the contribution of the beautification of the face and, as mentioned, depending on the shape, it can also give an aged appearance. When there is a double chin or jowl, facial balance is lost and the jaw line in the area is compromised. Therefore, it is necessary to assess whether it forms a harmonious ensemble with the other parts of the face, such as the nose, mouth and eyes, including and, above all, with the profile and the jaw. Because this region can value or negatively accentuate the other regions. But, double chin, chin, small, retracted or disproportionate can be corrected through aesthetic and surgical procedures ”, he adds.

Types of double chin

The types of jowls are influenced by the accumulation of fat in the region, the shape of the face and aging. Check out more details about each of these types:

  • Double chin caused by fat accumulation: “One of the most common and frequent types is that caused by the accumulation of fat that is deposited in the region. This fat deposit usually occurs due to genetic predisposition and, in this case, it can reach children, young people and even those who are thin. As genetics is a determining factor in the formation of the double chin, it is very difficult to fight the DNA itself. Therefore, it is good to avoid other factors that cooperate with the accumulation of fat in the region, among which: weight fluctuations, obesity and overweight, which contribute a lot to the appearance of this excess of adipose tissue in the area and which acts in the formation of the double chin. So, know that food is also another triggering factor. Try to regularly adopt a balanced and healthy diet ”, he explains.
  • Double chin caused by the shape of the face: “People who have a small, retracted chin and disproportionate to the face usually accentuate the problem or even favor the appearance of fat accumulation below the chin or give the impression of double chin, because of the shading it produces”, he points out. However, André reports that, often, only very expressive cases require treatment by a plastic surgeon with craniofacial specialization, in order to evaluate the possibility of orthognathic surgery. This surgery aims to reposition the bony structures of the face.
  • Double chin caused by aging: “Over the years, the skin tissue in the region can develop a lot of skin leftovers, excessive flaccidity, pronounced muscle ptosis and form a big conversation”, he explains.

Consultation with a professional is essential for the best treatment to be prescribed. How about getting to know more about it? Follow the tips below!

Treatments for the double chin

The plastic surgeon listed the main treatments, with super-complete information. Look!



One of the most recommended and effective techniques, according to André, is liposuction. It can be performed with local anesthesia (with or without sedation), reducing the risks of the procedure. Discharged on the same day and without hospitalization requirement, as the procedure is considered small.

“Liposuction, depending on the case, can still be associated with increased chin projection, if necessary, by filling it with hyaluronic acid, which gives harmony and balance to the region”, he points out. As for the results, as the surgery is relatively quick and simple, it is possible to observe the effects after approximately one month. André also warns that to obtain favorable results, the skin must be very firm, without sagging in the local muscles.

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If the problem is the balance of the disproportionate, retracted or small chins, André indicates the chin repair. It is a surgery to increase the chin and can be applied through various techniques, according to the individual assessment of each patient. “In general, if the person has a small chin and little projection, a silicone prosthesis implant or even medpor (surgical product) is performed. Mentoplasty is applied to mold the most varied functional or aesthetic deformities for those who have a shortened or shrunken chin until the orthognathic surgery of the mandible for the very prominent chin ”, he concludes.

Microfocused ultrasound

”This submental region can be treated with the microfocused ultrasound device, a state-of-the-art technology that brings good results, especially for sagging and even for reducing localized fat. It stimulates the formation of collagen, a substance that supports the skin. The number of sessions with the procedure, on the other hand, will depend on each case ”, he explains.

Fat grafting


According to André, for cases of hypomentonism, there is fat grafting. This treatment consists of the patient’s own fat graft, a method that does not cause adverse reactions. The procedure can also be done with fillers, such as hyaluronic acid, a component that brings benefits and remodels the region.

Neck Lifiting

Also called cervicoplasty, this procedure is indicated for cases with a lot of skin leftovers, excessive flabbiness, pronounced muscle ptosis and a large chat with folds. About the effects, the plastic surgeon emphasizes facial rejuvenation and explains more about the procedure: ”this surgery treats the entire neck region and is a procedure considered important in the facial rejuvenation process. The cervical lifting removes the excess fat, draws the musculature of the neck area, called platysma, and reposition the skin tissue and removes the submental fat. The scars are subtle and after the maturation period, they become imperceptible ”.

Chemical methods


André comments that there are chemical methods for the correction of fat in the neck that even work when there is little local fat, but are inferior to the liposuction technique, which provides more effective and lasting results. But how are these chemical methods made? “Applications of injections are carried out with substances that help, in part, to reduce and” burn “this adipose tissue in the submentonian area”, he explains.

Even with so many procedures available, it always beats that punctual doubt, doesn’t it? Thinking about it, André answered the main doubts surrounding the problem!

Main doubts about the double chin

Does weight loss help to reduce the jowl? Can you avoid it? see, now, the plastic surgeon’s answers to these and other questions!

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1. Does weight loss help to reduce the jowl?

André Eyler (AE): Yes, especially if the jowl is caused exclusively due to a high calorie diet. However, if there is a genetic predisposition and other triggering factors, weight loss will only superficially mitigate the problem.

2. Is there a way to avoid the double chin?

AE: Without questions of genetic inheritance involved, which are very determining, try to follow a balanced and healthy diet to combat fluctuations in weight, overweight and obesity (which favor the accumulation of submental fat). Staying within the ideal weight is important, but remember that a lean and slim body does not negate genetic factors and the advancement of aging.

I also advise you to adopt supporting procedures, such as lymphatic drainage, as it helps to soften fat deposits. In addition, the daily application of firming and specific creams for the region is indicated to keep it well hydrated and thus avoid sagging.

3. Is there an age more likely to have double chin?

AE: Not necessarily, because it will depend on the triggering factors. But if there are no such factors, it can usually appear from the age of 35, due to the natural aging process.

4. Are there habits, in addition to poor diet and overweight, that contribute to the double chin?

AE: Stress and smoking hinder the vascularization of the skin, thus favoring the problem in the contour of the chin and neck.

5. Are there any risks when performing double chin procedures and what are the contraindications?

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AE: Every surgery involves risk. Contraindications are the person not being in good health and, therefore, not being able to undergo surgery.

If you want to know about another treatment that brings benefits to the face, know the facial drainage, a little secret to take care of the skin, including, against the signs of aging!

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