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Have you ever thought about how women made their hair smoother before the flat iron, hair dryer and chemical procedures? The nero cap was a great ally for them and is worth using nowadays. This is because it is simple to make and generates benefits for the hair. Next, learn more about it.

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What is touca nero?

This is a technique that consists of straightening the hair naturally. To do this, it is necessary to wrap the hair around the head and secure it with clips. Then just put the cap on your head. Thus, you force the strands to be stretched. However, this process must be done with the wires completely dry so as not to damage them.

Benefits of the nero cap

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Now that you know what the procedure is, check out the advantages it provides below.

  • Smooths the wires: for those with wavy hair or even with more open curls, the nero cap has the power to smooth the locks naturally;
  • Keeps it smooth for longer: the nero cap helps to increase the duration of a straightening done with flat iron or even with chemistry;
  • Reduces the volume: by holding the wires for several hours, the technique ensures that the volume is lower when they are released;
  • Decreases frizz: due to the way the nero cap is made, it helps to reduce the amount of frizz, giving the hair a healthier appearance;
  • Does not damage hair: as it does not use chemistry or high temperatures, this is a procedure that does not cause damage to the wires;
  • It is accessible: to do the procedure at home, you only need to have clamps, a brush or comb and the nero cap in hand.

Did you see how many benefits such a simple procedure guarantees? This makes it a great bet for you to test at home.

How to make nero cap

Do you want to join this practice to enjoy all the benefits it provides? So, check out the following tutorials:

Nero cap with pantyhose

In this video, you start by learning how to make a nero cap using pantyhose. In the sequence, you also check the step by step of how to put it in the hair.

Nero cap with clamps

This is the classic way of doing the procedure, in which the threads are wrapped around the head, fastened with staples and covered by the cap. The step by step is simple, but there are tips for a successful result, such as the right side of attaching the clamp to the wires.

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Nero cap without staples

Don’t have staples at home or just don’t want to use them? No problem! In this video, you can check how to straighten the wires and put the cap on without needing the accessory.

How to put on nero cap

Another alternative for those who do not want to use staples, this is a video that teaches another way to use the cap. Here, it is placed on the head and then the wires go into it. You can test different ways to find out which is the most practical for you.

Nero cap without scoring

Do you have short or fringe hair and are afraid to mark your locks? No need to worry! This video gives all the tips to prevent this from happening.

As much as it is an old technique, the nero cap can be a great ally for those who do not want to resort to high temperatures and chemicals. But if you want to know other options, the semi-final is another bet to smooth the hair.

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