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It’s not just the owners of natural blond locks who manage to have platinum hair. This result is also possible for those who have originally dark hair. If you want to become a platinum brunette, you’ve come to the right place! We set up a selection with images and tutorials on how to achieve and maintain that color that is pure success.

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60 photos of platinum brunette to be enchanted by the look

There are different shades of platinum for you to join. In addition, you can leave the entire hair in that color, make lights, ombré hair and more! Straight, curly, wavy and curly look good in this trend. And the length of the locks does not matter either: whether your hair is short or long, you can bet on that color. See the inspirations:

1. The platinum brunette with long hair looks beautiful

Kim Kardashian

2. This is a perfect color to enhance your look

Jeffrey Robert

3. And give even more prominence to the long locks

Dabican codruta

4. Be leaving a good part of the dark root

Kenzie Eileen

5. Or just a little

Chloé Brown

6. It is also worth dyeing the threads completely

Camilla Santana

7. And even bet on a hotter platinum

Raissa Galvão

8. It’s a great bet to brighten your face

Bruna Marquezine

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9. It is also possible to platinate only the ends of the hair

Hair By Jules

10. And yet guarantee a successful result

11. Has inspiration from platinum brunette with curly hair

Camilla Santana

12. Which is pure charm

Jayze Santos

13. For those who want to get out of the ordinary

Mary Cake

14. Can make platinum hair more colorful

Jeffrey Robert

15. For this, it is worth combining it with other colors

Jeffrey Robert

16. Even if it is only with fuses

Jeffrey Robert

17. No matter what your yarn style


18. Platinum plates well with all of them

Camilla Santana

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19. As well as lengths

Oriane Adjibi

20. So you can feel free to play in color

Ivchenko Alona

21. See this curly hair inspiration

Camilla Santana

22. And this platinum-haired brunette with straight hair

Chloé Brown

23. Color also matches different face shapes

Josie Pham

24. Which makes it even more versatile

Louisa Mazzura

25. For those who do not want extremely light hair

Jacob Hair

26. You can invest in the gray platinum brunette look

Ellen V Lora

27. Which also has its charm

Gabi Lisboa

28. Ombré hair is a success

Jeffrey Robert

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29. Just like the almost white threads

Bruna Ramos

30. You can be a platinum brunette with dark roots

Ivchenko Alona

31. As you can see, this is a versatile color

Romeu Felipe

32. And that can be found in different shades


33. Just choose which suits you best

Blonde by Ceann

34. For this, it is also worth talking to a professional


35. This makes it easier to obtain a successful result


36. And let it be your face

Michaela Mcvoy

37. So that you can rock the look

Chix & Dolls Beauty

38. And for those who already have white hair

Ivone Tavares

39. The result is also similar to platinum

Regina Burton

40. A good bet for investing in natural yarns

Dee Abrahamsen

41. That they are a beauty


42. But with products you also get a beautiful result

Louisa Mazzura

43. Which highlights the threads


44. Another alternative is to be a platinum brunette with dark roots


45. What is good for those who do not want to do so much maintenance


46. ​​But it makes the hair beautiful

Fernanda Vasconcellos

47. Another bet is to blend the root

Seola Hair

48. Or leave the hair very white

Jeffrey Robert

49. There is no shortage of options

Louisa Mazzura

50. For you to choose between one of the shades of that color

Loc Hair

51. There is also a platinum brunette with lights

Camila C Vieira

52. And with large dark root

Bruna Ramos

53. Regardless of skin tone

Larissa Sharon

54. It is worth investing in this style

Angie Lee

55. Look at this platinum brunette with gray lights

Maria Bethanya Cardoso Borges

56. This is a color that doesn’t go unnoticed

Blonde by Ceann

57. And that guarantees prominence for the visual

Fáàrí By Sisi Ope

58. If this is the result you want

Loc Hair

59. It’s worth playing in that color


60. And rock with the result!


As you can see, the possibilities for achieving a platinum-brown look are quite wide. So, just choose the style you like best to join the trend.

How to achieve the platinum brunette look

Want to know how to achieve this wonderful look and also how to keep the wires in the desired color? So stay tuned for all the tips in the following videos:

Global bleaching for platinum hair

This is a technique in which the hair is completely bleached. Thus, the natural color of the threads is removed. After that, it is still necessary to tint the locks so that they are very clear. In the video, you can see the detailed step by step done at home.

Short platinum hair

As you saw in the inspirations, you can have very short and platinum hair. Here, you learn how to bleach your hair. Then, the tip is to use a shampoo for gray hair.

Platinum hair with dark roots

Want to see how the hair platinum process works from scratch? So, check out the video step by step. Everything is done in a salon, so you are already inside as a professional acts and already know what it takes if you really want to adhere to color.

How to keep your hair platinum at home

Constant maintenance is required so that platinum hair does not turn yellow. Thinking about it, this video shows how to tint the wires at home whenever necessary.

How to tint and tone platinum hair

In this video, you learn how to keep the wires platinum. For this, the tip is to tint and tone the hair. Here, a white mask, gentian violet and a graphite shine bath are used.

So, did you like the cooler or warmer tones? There are so many beautiful shades, it is even difficult to choose, isn’t it? Regardless of the choice, it is good to know that platinum wires require a lot of care. So, how about taking advantage of and checking out hair mask options? So you keep your hair beautiful and hydrated.

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