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Is having a smooth, soft and blackhead free face among your goals? Know that skin cleaning can bring these and other benefits to you. To know a little more about the procedure, which is indicated for all skin types, we talked to the dermatologist Dr. Gabriela Horn (CRM 42018 RQE 29198).

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What is skin cleansing?

According to Dr. Gabriela Horn, skin cleaning is a procedure performed in the office by qualified professionals, usually a beautician or a dermatofunctional physiotherapist. It is a deeper cleaning than we do at home, removing all impurities and oils that the soap was unable to clean.

However, contrary to what many think, skin cleaning is contraindicated to remove pimples, as it can leave scars, in addition to inflaming and aggravating acne.

Skin Cleansing Benefits


All skin types benefit from cleansing, but especially those who have acne or oily skin. Check out more benefits:

  • Deep cleaning: for cleaning deeply, the procedure serves to detoxify, remove dead cells and reduce oiliness.
  • Elimination of comedones: dermatologist Gabriela explains that skin cleaning is very efficient for removing comedones, which are popularly called open (black dots) or closed (white dots) blackheads.
  • Improved texture: facial cleansing helps maintain skin health and improve its overall appearance, in addition to improving texture for oily and acne-prone skin.
  • Milium removal: milium is often mistaken for acne, but it consists of a tiny cyst formed by keratin. Cleansing the skin helps to remove these pellets.
    • It is interesting to clean the skin two to three times a year. However, more oily skins, as they have a greater tendency to form comedones, require a higher frequency.

      How to do skin cleansing step by step

      Deep skin cleansing should be performed by professionals. However, there are alternatives for you to do at home and take care of your face. Check out homemade recipes!

      Skin cleaning with honey and coffee

      With ingredients you have at home it is possible to make this mixture, which in addition to helping with cleansing, also moisturizes your skin.

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      Skin cleaning in 9 steps

      How about making your skin more beautiful in 9 steps? In the video of the channel Ficando Gata, you can see the steps, well explained, for a gentle skin cleansing, from astringent to sunscreen.

      How is professional skin cleaning

      Before doing any procedure, do you like to know exactly what are all the steps? Then, check out the explanation in the video above, which shows the deep skin cleaning performed by a professional.

      Safe skin cleansing at home

      Not all home recipes are reliable. In the video above, the dermatologist Patrícia Elias shows the effective way of cleaning the skin at home.

      Looking for more procedures for facial care and rejuvenation? Be sure to check the article on dermaplaning, which presents its benefits and contraindications.

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