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Frizzy hair requires special care and, although many people don’t like frizz, it is possible to do amazing hairstyles. According to hairdresser Julliane Padilha, this is a type of hair that stands out and stands out wherever it goes. So, find out here how to take better care of your hair and make it look beautiful.

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What is frizzy hair?

Frizzy hair is a mixture of curly and wavy and its type of hair and volume can vary from person to person. The interesting thing is that the bead does not take any shape and, for this reason, it becomes more fragile and with a greater tendency to break, which requires more care.

How to care for curly hair

Whoever has this structure should invest in a capillary schedule to strengthen their hair and make them healthier. What many do not know is that there are special products to take care of these hair, which need more attention, but, a priori, follow the tips we have listed based on the opinion of professional Julliane.

  • Use specific products: products for curly hair have actives that preserve the shape of the hair, in addition to maintaining hydration and giving more strength.
  • Do not dry comb: this can cause breakage, increase volume and give frizzy hair a dry look. The ideal is to use your fingers to untangle the threads, which are still damp.
  • Dry cut: the right cut can reduce the volume and give frizzy hair greater definition. In addition, avoid using straight razors, so that the ends are not loose.
  • Avoid chemicals: if you want to keep your frizzy hair more beautiful, avoid chemicals and the use of flat iron, as both tend to weaken the strands, leaving them lifeless.
  • Wash frizzy hair with warm or cold water: it is essential that you check the water temperature before washing your hair, as too hot water can dry out your hair or even make the leather peel. Therefore, cold water is more recommended.

It is worth mentioning that some curly or curly hair can also have enough natural frizz. This does not mean that the wires are dry or something. This characteristic can cause discomfort to women who have it, but it is possible to use this differential favorably.

Curly hair trend: is this a fashion?

The beaded style was already fashionable in the 90s and today it is a big trend among the most famous. The look was initially rejected by women who have this characteristic in natural yarns, as most could not deal with the volume and other peculiarities. Today curly hair represents attitude and concept.

The marked threads bring charm and modernity to the undulations and the bead becomes more funky, leaving a more retro look. However, when the threads are made unnaturally by a white woman with totally straight hair, a debate opens up about cultural appropriation.

This is because frizz is a characteristic usually associated with curly hair, which has long been seen as poorly maintained. Meanwhile, the frizz in straight hair is understood as a trend. Although there is this problem, without a doubt this type of style looks beautiful on anyone who knows how to use it.

30 photos of curly hair you will love

Want to know how to comb and match your style to curly hair? If you still don’t know how to use it, check out some hairstyle options here to rock. You will fall in love with these references.

1. Want to look more charming

Victory Falcon

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2. And test new styles?

Sweet Poison Hair

3. How about experimenting

Adlis Stefani

4. Frizzy hair?

Thaís Costa

5. He was fashionable

Rachel Castro

6. In the 90s

Sasha Kichigina | Photo by Michael Schwartz

7. And today he returned

Luke Castillo

8. As a new trend


9. Bringing a sophisticated look

Regianne Ahadi

10. And also modern

Jenny Helen

11. For the head of celebrities

Luisa Sonza

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12. So enjoy

Ariel Natasha

13. To try new hairstyles

Julia Rodrigues

14. And different colors

Madison Smith

15. Enjoy the volume

Black on the Move

16. Ways to use

Lohana Brugnolo

17. And the natural frizz

Roberta Campos

18. With curly hair

Vitória Falcão | Photo by Dernanda Simões

19. Wavy hair

Giovana Cordeiro

20. And straight hair

Truth Seeker

21. He looks beautiful in blondes

Priscilla Tassoni

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22. A charm in the brunettes

Julia Rodrigues

23. And perfect in black

Micaelly Gomes

24. Larger sizes


25. Smaller sizes

Julia Anadam

26. And the shortest ones yet

Luana Carvalho

27. But don’t forget

Karine Fernandes

28. Taking care of your wires

Wavy 2BC

29. For you to have a look

Joyce Kelly

30. Looking like an artist!


Frizzy hair can be used in many ways, so just abuse your creativity. Also get to know some cutting tips for curly hair and get inspired.

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