Christmas 2019 : Step by Step to Making Stylish and Elegant Christmas Centerpieces


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One of the ways that exist to entertain our family and friends at Christmas, without a doubt, is by offering them a beautiful and elegant Christmas table… where you will enjoy, together with your guests, a delicious Christmas dinner; so add Stylish and elegant Christmas centerpieces! to your dining room.

That is why, in How to Organize the House, We thought it would be a great idea to present you with some Christmas Centerpiece Designs that you can make yourself.

We’ll also talk about Christmas CenterpieceYou can create elegant and somewhat charged arrangements or opt for more relaxed designs, which will fill your dining room with style. The decision will depend entirely on your style.

Here are some examples of how to make christmas centerpiecesin different styles and colors.

Entertain your family at Christmas dinner by adding elegant centerpieces that will add style to your dining room!

Silver and White Christmas Centerpieces

Materials to make silver and white Christmas centerpieces

  • Snowy garland.
  • Cuddly toy.
  • Silver candles.
  • Silver Christmas decorations (the idea is a silver pine, if you don’t have one it’s fine, it can be some other design).
  • 2 glass vases.
  • Christmas decorations in silver.


  • You’ll expand the stuffed fabric on the table.
  • You will add the silver pines that will be part of the decoration.
  • Add the glass vases over the two smaller pines.
  • Now you will place the snowy garland.
  • Silver decorations will come to decorate the table… Remember that you can use the design you find.
  • It’s time to put the silver candles…

There, it looks fantastic!

Golden Christmas Centerpieces

That you need to make your golden Christmas centerpieces

  • Stuffed fabric.
  • Christmas cones.
  • Golden glitter.
  • Silver ribbon.
  • Acrylic paper or recycled packaging of spheres.
  • Christmas lights.
  • Mirror.
  • Christmas figures in gold.
  • White spheres.
  • Plain gold fabric, with silver sheen.
  • Rope.
  • Golden Christmas tree.


  • You will mark the size of the fabric and cut, to make the table runner.
  • The mirror you’ll put right in the middle… If you didn’t find a white frame, I recommend painting it.
  • You’ll add sparkle to the Christmas cones.
  • You will add the silver ribbon to the acrylic package.
  • The Christmas cones will go inside the package.
  • The garland of cloth, you will make it with small strips that you will cut together on top of each other.
  • You will place your garland over the mirror and on your table runner.
  • Add the acrylic cylinder and the Christmas decorations.
  • Place the golden Christmas tree.
  • The white spheres will be distributed throughout the area.

Bohemian and nice Christmas centerpiece!

Red rustic Christmas centerpiece

Elements to assemble your rustic red Christmas centerpiece

  • 2 sticks of Christmas garland.
  • Pineapple Christmas. Arrangement with red fruits.
  • 4 pairs of deer antlers.
  • Old books with brown paper (if you don’t have them, make them yourself).
  • 3 lamp with rustic.
  • 3 red candles.
  • A Christmas globe account.
  • Gold leaf.
  • Ribbon decorated with Christmas details.
  • Golden branches.
  • 10 red roses.
  • Branches with red Christmas seeds.


  • You will place the two Christmas garlands.
  • If you couldn’t find any garlands that already had pineapples in them, stick some yourself.
  • Place the red fruit ornament, holding it in the same garland.
  • Add the deer antlers… Spread them over the whole garland.
  • Add the books with brown paste.
  • Now place the lamps, if you didn’t find deer in your design, don’t worry, it will still look fantastic.
  • Add the red ball count.
  • Place the ribbons, joining both designs and make your garland look amazing.
  • Your centerpiece already looks fantastic, don’t you think?… If you like you can put the golden and red rose branches.

Get ready for Christmas and make the most beautiful, Elegant and Stylish Christmas Centerpiece for your dining room!

Gallery of Christmas Centerpieces

Next I’ll share a fantastic christmas centerpieces galleryfrom which you can take great ideas so you can to make an elegant and very sophisticated Christmas Centerpiece.

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