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Christmas Jokes For kids : 27 Funny Christmas Jokes and Comics

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Christmas jokes for kids or season’s belly laugh as you might want to call it is important. Let’s all laugh and have your kids at the center of it.

Besides, it shouldn’t about Christmas turkey alone. You should take your kids through some endless moment of laughter by using jokes and play on words.

As long as your kids are not tired, they won’t stop looking forward to hearing you crack some jokes. So, it’s okay to get prepared on their behalf.

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Yes, preparing some Christmas jokes for kids is important as you don’t want them to feel left behind this season. Besides, left to them, they will only think of some stale jokes they heard on the TV or the ones their friends from school passed to them.

What Are the Tips for Funny Christmas Jokes For Kids?

1. Keep it short

look ? won best in snow !
look ? won best in snow !

Remember that this is supposed to be Christmas jokes for kids? So, as much as you can, you need to keep it short.

They are kids after all, and unlike adults, they might find it difficult to keep their attention on you for a long time. So, it’s important to keep it short.

In fact, when you keep it short, they can easily retain it in their memory and share it with friends when they return to preschool after the Christmas holiday.

2. Use simple words

ok nice and easy now …gimme your nose and don’t do anything stupid

Well, we can’t get tired of telling you it’s Christmas jokes for kids. Consequently, your choice of words needs to be guided by simplicity.

You are not trying to impress them but to make them laugh. So, put aside your vocabulary and speak like a child. Yes, a child understands better in the language of a child.

3. Tell a story


As long as you know how to keep it short, your kids won’t mind you telling them a story as part of Christmas jokes for kids.

You should note however that although you want them to have a great belly laugh through your jokes, you need to tell them a story that they can draw out simple lessons from.

Among other things, you should draft your story around Christ-like themes such as caring for others, giving, the joy of friendship, and patriotism, among others.

4. Stay within Christmas

Christmas jokes for kids

No matter how desperate you are to prepare Christmas jokes for kids, we advise against going out of the boundary of the season –Christmas.

You might think there aren’t many jokes around Xmas to spread around, but there is no limit as long as you can be creative.

For example, you can not only crack jokes but also stimulate their critical thinking through riddles and puns.

Apart from that, you can search online for Funny Christmas jokes for kids’ ideas. Usually Christmas jokes should come in the form of simple and short questions.

See our list below:

  • What goes “oh oh oh la la la”? Answer: Santa while walking backward
  • Why is Santa never seen in the hospital? Answer: Santa has private elf care.
  • What is the breakfast of snowmen? Answer: Snowflakes
  • What is Santa’s message to smokers? Answer: Please, don’t smoke here, it’s bad for my elf.
  • What happens to Turkey at the Christmas season? Answer: It gets gobbled.
  • What cars do elves love to drive? Answer: Toyota
  • Why is turkey bad at soccer? Answer: She’s always avoiding Santa/soccer.
  • Why did the picture land in prison? Answer: Because it was framed.
  • Cows go to where on Friday nights? Answer: They go to the moo-vies.
  • What kind of room has no door? Answer: Mushroom
  • What is the difference between the Christmas alphabet and the common alphabet? Answer: the Christmas alphabet has no l.

The beauty of incorporating the types of jokes above is that even if your kids could not eventually provide the appropriate answer, they will have unending belly laughs when you eventually guide them to the answer.

The list is endless, but we hope that the above guides you to make create better Christmas jokes for kids.

5. Attach a prize

Apart from your kids, this is a period to reward smart kids in your neighborhood.

Meanwhile, you don’t have to let them know there is a prize so as to promote healthy competition.

At the end of the day, when everyone prepares to return to their homes, give them gifts. Even if it’s just to appreciate the effort of everyone who created time to participate instead of staying back to watch TV or play with the Christmas tree.

Christmas jokes for kids

23 Christmas funny and amusing jokes 


Funny Christmas jokes for kids are part of the deal for the season.

So, don’t refrain from creating a list for your kids and their friends who are coming. Don’t forget to keep it short, simple, and tell a story with morals.

Also, stay within the theme of Christmas and give them gifts to take home.

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