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Christmas Quotes : 28 Ways to Have The Best Day Ever

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Wow! Christmas is here again. We can bet that you can’t wait, that’s why you are reading this article.

Well, it’s important to start preparing ahead of Christmas Day. Christmas quotes shouldn’t be left till Christmas before you take care of it.

Besides, there are a lot of things that will be seeking your attention when it’s a few days to Christmas.

You have made the right decision, thumbs up!

So, now that you are doing this, this article has compiled a list of quotes that you can select from. Not only will they fill your heart with joy and love, but you can also send it as part of your wishes for families and friends this season.

Christmas quotes are cost-saving as you don’t have to spend on buying cards or frames. Just pick any of these quotes to write on a tag that’s attached to the wrapped gifts that you are sending to your loved one.

Isn’t that easy?

Before we show you our list of Christmas quotes, let’s talk about the things you should look out for when selecting Christmas quotes this season. Are you ready?

Tips for Picking Christmas Quotes

1. Inspiring

A good Christmas wording should not only accent the spirit of Christmas, but it should also inspire the recipient towards a greater purpose in the season and the coming year.

An inspiring quote is going to mean so much to the recipient as it subtly reminds them to wine, dine, and prepare ahead for the coming year.

What’s more?

The Christmas quote you send won’t lose its value even after Christmas Day.

2. A Little Joke or Humor

Even when you are sending a business greetings card for Christmas, you should endeavor to add humor. A little joke in the spirit of Christmas is not too much. And there are a lot of things you can joke about as well as words that you can play on.

3. Keep it short

Your Christmas quotes shouldn’t compete with a letter or essay. Keep it short as much as you can. Meanwhile, we are not asking you to neglect every important thing that needs saying in your quote.

Talk of showing gratitude and making a wish, or a prayer, you shouldn’t miss this for anything.

The point is to say all you have to say in fewer words. You can always tell them more when they seat at the table with you and your family on Christmas Day.

4. Quote a revered personality

It’s okay if you want to be creative – create your own Christmas quote. But then, should you have to come up with a quote to send to someone in a hurry, you shouldn’t hesitate to quote a revered personality. Also, he or she must be popular.

Why? You don’t want to quote someone whom your recipient would be having difficulty recalling who they are or what they stand for. So, what is the kind of Christmas quotes that you can use and from whom?

We recommend that your Christmas quotes be in regards to any of these three kinds of personality:

  • A revered man of faith.
  • Someone who represents virtues like love, care, and so on.
  • A literary icon.


 3 Best Christmas Quotes For The Season

1. Pope Francis

Okay, who doesn’t know Pope Francis? This is what we meant by saying your Christmas quote must be about a popular personality.

This quote talks about the gift of Christmas which we celebrate annually. While it reminds us that we can always receive more.

Christmas Quotes For The Season

2. Mother Theresa

If there is anyone who lived emphasizing the need to give and share what we have with others, it’s Mother Theresa.

Having the words of Mother Theresa as your Christmas quotes is a great idea.

Yes, not only are we remembering the greatest gift of all, we are reminding ourselves of the need to show a little kindness and the need to love the world.

Mother Theresa

3. Charles Dickens

Most times, choosing the kind of Christmas quotes that will mean so much to the recipient of your Christmas gifts starts with understanding what they love or who they love to read.

Quoting Charles Dickens in your Christmas wishes is going to mean so much to lovers of Literature.

Charles Dickens

25 Christmas quotes


Getting it right with Christmas quotes has a lot to do with starting on time.

It’s great that you have taken your time to read this to the end. Meanwhile, you don’t have to be restricted to the examples we have given above.

Don’t forget to be inspiring, keep it short and add a little joke.

Cheers to a beautiful Christmas.

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