Christmas Window Decorations: 33 Top decoration ideas

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Decorating your space for Christmas might seems a huge task, we understand that. But then, you don’t have to decorate every part of your home.

When it comes to decoration, you should, however, understand that there are certain parts of your home that you should pay attention to. Your Christmas window decorations are one of them.

Christmas window decorating are important and it’s great that you are looking out for ideas on time. We are all getting set for Christmas after all.

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Whether you have a small, big, or large windowsills, it doesn’t matter. With the simple ideas we have for you, your window will be ready in a short time and you can put your attention to other Xmas projects.

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7 Top christmas window decorations

Citrus Wreath (Do-it-yourself)

This is the simplest and cost-friendly Xmas window decoration idea. All you need to do this include dried oranges, greenery, and burlap ribbon.

If what you are looking for is a decoration that can still let you see through the window, this citrus wreath is the right choice for the season.

Citrus Wreath (Do-it-yourself)

2. Decorated Window Hanging

Remember we promised you simple Christmas window decorating ideas, this is also one of them. Do you have window hangings that are looking too ordinary? It’s time to be creative with them this Christmas.

Whether it’s the wreath you purchased from the store or the one that you crafted with the help of your kids, you should attach one or more to each of your windows hanging.

Not only does a wreath make your window attractive, but it also gives it an additional festive shine.

Decorated Window Hanging

3. Inscription Christmas Window Decoration

You don’t have to spend so much time thinking about what your Christmas window decorations should be. What about just writing an inscription – a short Christmas quote, joke, or play on words?

As long as you are creative, the kind of inscription you need will come easy. Plus, it doesn’t have to be so long.

You only need to spend on chalk to make an inscription on your window this Christmas.

christmas inscription Christmas Window Decoration

4. Christmas Tree Window Decoration

Let your neighbors see and share the joy of Christmas with you by placing your Xmas tree in the front of your window.

Your home is going to spread the love from within this season and for the twinkling, the night is going to be beautiful around your home.

Christmas Tree Window Decoration

5. Christmas Stars Window Decoration

Life is simple, and so is Christmas. Once again, you don’t have to stress yourself to create a magical effect in your home. Let’s do it with this Christmas window decoration.

Along the top, sides, and bottom of your window, you can arrange stars that have a sparkling display when it’s sunny or gets accented through the effect of light.

You can always get your stars from the décor store.

Christmas Stars Window Decoration

6. Box Christmas Window Decoration

Okay, let’s make a statement with greenery. You can get a stunning Christmas window decoration box on a budget.

You can afford to buy many Christmas boxes and place them on the mantle outside or inside your window.

Box Christmas Window Decoration
Box Christmas Window Decoration

7. Christmas Snowflake Window Sticker

Christmas is going to be some snowy scene depending on the part of the world you live in. But then, whether it’s cold outside your door or not, this Xmas window décor idea is going to look stunning on your window.

You don’t have to stress yourself. You can get snowflake stickers or clings from the store at a good price.

Christmas Snowflake Window Sticker

26 Others Christmas window decorating Ideas


Christmas is four weeks away. Don’t worry, you shouldn’t worry about how to decorate your home. Besides, you don’t have to fix up every space in your area.

There are Christmas window decoration ideas that you can do for yourself or you can get designs or stickers from the store at a budget-friendly fee.

Do you have a Christmas window decorating idea that you will like to share with us? Or, do you want us to recommend more Christmas window decorations ideas for you?

Send us a message now.

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