Christmas Wishes : Top 5 tips of What to Write in Your Card

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It’s always a feeling of nostalgia settling down to write a Christmas wishes to those who have made a huge impact in your life during the year.

It could bring about misty eyes. Yes, we can recall instances in which people are driven to tears when they get to read the wishes sent to them in Xmas seasons. We bet you can relate.

And it’s common to become short of words while trying to find an expression for your thought. We can recall many instances that we have encountered. Urgh, which kind of kills the fun of it.

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It will be more fun-filled if you don’t run short of ideas about the Christmas wishes you can fill your greeting cards with.

But don’t worry, you have taken the right step by reading this article. Our tips and list of Christmas wishes will help you gain direction for the perfect wishes you want to send to your families and friends.

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What Are The Preparations You Need To Make?

To write the Christmas wishes that capture you thought towards your family or friend, you need to prepare. In case you don’t know, reading this article is part of your preparation, so thumbs up. Now, what are the other things you need to know and do?

1. Stock Up Stationery

Christmas wishes

You will be sending out a lot of Christmas wishes, so it’s better to stock up before you settle down writing. You don’t want to be distracted along the way.

Thus, you should get enough stamps, cards, envelops, tags, craft papers, and pens of various colors.

2. Keep it short

Christmas wishes

Many of the Christmas wishes we have received and have had to help with were boring despite the genuine intention of the writers.

Hence, you should understand that you can still express your gratitude and wishes for the recipient of your Christmas greeting cards without saying too much.

Many powerful words can help you establish the spirit of Christmas, the joy that you feel and your desires for others without having to lose your intention. Some of them are wish, pray, hope, and desire.

3. Play the song you love while you do this.

Christmas Wishes

This can be your favorite Christmas song or the song you love to listen to when in a jolly mood. Not only does doing this help prevent getting bored, but it also helps you gain the right mood for the work you are doing.

4. Get More Hands

Christmas wishes

The more hands you have got to work with, the merrier the time spent creating Christmas wishes.

So, feel free to bring in your kids, spouse, and friends to help you with the project. For example, your kids can sign their names and make cute drawings on the cards.

Plus, if they have friends to send cards to, help them create their messages as well.

5. Incorporate Their Special Moments

 Christmas wishes 

Are the recipients spending their first Christmas in their new home? Launching their new business or naming their new baby during Christmas? Or any other event that makes Christmas more special. Feel free to mention it and tell them how much you share in their joy.

Let’s show you examples of Christmas Wishes Cards that you can send to those you care about:

For family, Friends, and Colleagues.

  • Everything you have given to me, every moment you share with me reminds me so much of the reason for the season. With gratitude, I wish you greater adventure in the coming year.
  • Being at your wedding stands out among the wonderful experiences I had this year. In the spirit of the season, I hope you have a lovely first Christmas together.
  • I really can’t believe it’s been a year we last saw each other. I wish we could be together this Christmas but since it’s impossible, I’m sending good wishes and joy your way. Miss you!
  • The holidays are a perfect time to welcome a new baby. I share in your joy and wish you the best in the year to come.
  • Working with you has been a great way to meet someone who cares about my personal growth and development. Merry Christmas, and thanks for all you have done for me from my family.
  • Thanks for always sharing and giving. Warmest wishes for a wonderful holiday season.

25 Christmas Wishes Cards Ideas


You will notice from our list above that we are guided by the kind of relationship shared with the recipient. Have the relationship you share at the back of your mind as well? This will help you to set the right tone in your card.

Don’t forget to use a warm closing before your signature for your Christmas wishes.

Also, keep your Christmas wishes simple and straight forward.

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