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The yoni massage allows a new experience with your sexual energy, because it starts from scratch and from a new beginning of autotouch. We took the main doubts about this practice that promises countless benefits with the tantric psychologist and therapist Diego Zahori. To check it out, just read on!

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What is yoni massage?

Yoni is a Sanskrit word that means “portal of light” or “portal of life”, but it refers to the vulva. In this way, the yoni massage is a sensitizing and toning massage for the female genital. Diego points out that the technique is contemporary and uses the ancient philosophy of Tantra as a way to accept the body and sexuality.

The main objective of this technique is to bring greater awareness to the region, changing the way a woman touches and / or is touched. These new stimuli aim to “clean up” the old pattern of sensory perception, often related to past experiences of trauma or frustrations … In addition, yoni massage seeks to establish higher levels of pleasure. The main idea is to reconnect the woman to her yoni by knowing, perceiving and feeling in a focused way, since our culture has always deprived the woman of pleasure.

5 yoni massage benefits that will convince you to try it right now


Often, people already go into their sexual experiences with behavioral “addictions” that limit pleasure. With the practice of massage, the woman will allow herself the pleasure free from the expectations, fears and insecurities that permeate her relationships. Some benefits are:

  • Tones the musculature: this happens due to the increased perception of contraction and relaxation of this musculature, allowing a conscious muscular response, says gynecologist and sexologist Nathalie Raibolt.
  • Allows self-knowledge: during practice, you will discover the touches and movements you like or dislike, as well as getting to know your body in depth. This allows for a better relationship with him!
  • Assists in the treatment of sexual dysfunctions: the gynecologist and sexologist indicates that the body self-knowledge acquired with the practice also helps in sexual disorders, such as anorgasmia.
  • Intensifies orgasm: the relaxation and the different touches of the yoni massage, together with the self-knowledge promoted by her, allow a more intense and pleasurable orgasm.
  • Dissolves emotional blocks: practice helps you to get rid of the bonds of sex, such as insecurity, shame and guilt. You will have a lighter and tastier experience.

These are the main benefits of massage indicated by the tantric therapist Diego Zahori. But now, how about getting to know them in practice?

Can every woman do it?

Diego states that yoni massage is indicated for people who want to work on a process of self-knowledge and sexual improvement, without presenting contraindications.

Do it yourself: step by step for a unique experience

After all, how to do the yoni massage? Follow the steps and learn how to benefit from the practice! It’s super simple, look:

1. Use oil


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Pour a body oil into the intimate area until it drains over the lips, enveloping the entire vulva. This will ensure good lubrication. Then, put your hand on it and make back and forth movements.

2. Massage your lips

Now just massage the inner and outer lips! First, pass the two thumbs up and down alternately. Continue massaging the area, but now with a pinching motion using your thumb and forefinger, applying light pressure from top to bottom.

3. Touch the clitoris and the vagina entrance


Keep running your fingers slowly and gently from top to bottom, from the clitoris to the entrance to the vagina. Now, place your finger close to the clitoral glans, running from side to side, increasing and decreasing the pressure.

4. Stay for a while on the side of the urethra and the entrance to the vagina

Thus, you will stimulate the Skene and Bartholin glands, increasing arousal, lubrication and fluid production. In the clitoris, the movements must be smooth and rhythmic.

5. Find the G-spot


It is about three centimeters from the top of the inside of the vagina. Running your fingers, you will feel a rough surface. In it, make back and forth movements while stimulating the clitoris with the other hand. Loosen up and surrender to the moment, performing the massage according to the sensations that the body shows you!

So, ready to throw in the yoni massage? To embark on self-knowledge and appreciation of your own pleasure, also check out these tips on how to enjoy yourself to test them all!

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