Cocktail Dresses For Chubby Ladies


Each stage of women is unique, and as we grow up, everything changes internally and externally and when we reach contemporary age, our appearance is not the same as it was 20 years ago, but that does not mean that for this reason we should neglect ourselves, on the contrary , we need to reinvent ourselves and one of our best allies is clothing.

A nice cocktail dress can have a positive impact on others and on our self-esteem.

When you are invited to a social event, many questions go through your head and you may not have the answer, such as what will I wear? or how can I choose an outfit that is fashionable, being according to my age?

Now, you want to look elegant and sophisticated but you don’t know how, here we will help you answer all those questions with tips and outfits that can enhance your beauty, starting with the beautiful cocktail dresses for gorditas.

It is normal that you are not sure when dressing when you are in an advanced age, that is why many women make the mistake of dressing like a 20-year-old girl, without knowing that there are models that can favor even adulthood.

Another fatal mistake is to downplay your outfits, opting for careless and simple wardrobes looking for comfort.

Today there are different models and outfits to dazzle, the option of dresses are an infallible, practical, versatile proposal for every occasion.

Many believe that dresses are only for young girls, but that is totally false, there are many outfits with which you will be true according to your age but in trend. You just have to keep in mind the following tips to avoid making a disaster and wow others with your style.

Tip to choose cocktail dresses for ladies

Cover your upper area

Better not to reveal so much skin, which gives us elegance and seriousness. When we talk about that area we mean the arms and a few inches above the chest.

You can opt for short or three-quarter sleeves, and even use transparency with lace fabrics, you can use a straight neck, v or u, but you should not use transparency in the chest area.

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Skirts with cut below the knees

It is key that it is not above the knee, you can leave the calves in view, the cut will also depend on the occasion and with evening dresses which are more elegant you can use a cut that falls to the feet, these cuts will avoid putting In evidence of cellulite, without detracting from your outfit’s sophistication and conveying an adult model, this cut marks and characterizes the outfits that correspond to adult women.

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Colors in dresses

Pastel colors or a range of soft colors are recommended, avoid using bright, strong colors, if patterns can be used but carrying the same color factor.

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It is necessary that the colors are sober so that they can be observed neat and elegant, colors such as black, navy blue, dry green or gray, regardless of their design you will waste elegance.

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These are general tips that will guide you to choose the perfect dress, the idea is to represent your age with your outfit, which should show seriousness, sobriety, elegance and sophistication in a modern and current way.

But a dress must have a complement, it may be simple but those added details will highlight it, that is why we will show you the accessories that will give you a touch of originality.

Accessories in game

The accessories are not necessarily the matching earrings and necklace, but you can implement the corresponding accessories according to your wardrobe, it is important that you do not overload your outfit with accessories as they overshadow the dress.

In this sense we can match different accessories such as belts, handbags, headdresses and jewelry, all of this depending on the occasion and the dress.

Below we will show you an example of it

Jacket matching the dress, additional a flower brooch, with a simple clutch and watch and low heels, this set does not detract from the dress, they are all in the same range of pastel colors, contrast with the colors of the purse and heels, a sober and modern style, simplicity in the details not very extravagant according to a mature woman.

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On the other hand, the makeup must also be in harmony with the dress, never use the same color as the dress, put makeup that is within the color range of the dress, avoid using lipsticks with cardboard colors, they will age your face, use creamy lipsticks with colors that contrast with your outfit in this case, being a pastel pink color we will give it depth with a red lipstick.

Following these golden rules, you will have no excuse to wear a dress on any occasion and remember that the example presented is only a guide, you decide what to wear.

That your age is not an impediment to look exceptional, reinvent yourself and show the best version of yourself.


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