Decorate with hearts in a bouquet for Valentine


As the great day of lovers approaches, I bring you more ideas to create a romantic atmosphere for Valentine's Day. Surely you already have a romantic date or a party with friends at home, and you have to make great and original decoration details, like the one we suggest today. Decho with paper hearts on Valentine, or a mobile hearts to hang on the window, wall or other place in your home.

decorate with hearts
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This Valentine, you can make this bouquet to decorate with paper hearts your home, you will only need paper, cardboard, silicone and threads or ties. Choose the appropriate colors to match your home. You can opt for the red and white classics of Valentine's Day decoration or be more creative by choosing craft or any other shade.

You can also get a heart-shaped cutter or make your own cardboard template so that everyone comes out the same when you start trimming.

So you can decorate your Valentine with hearts, You will have to cut out the heart-shaped cardboard and then the decorated paper. The next step is to add glue to the cardboard heart and paste a piece of patterned paper on it.

When you have enough hearts to shape the decoration that we are making, and it looks the same as the one in the image that illustrates this entry, you are going to glue from the back, some ties that hold them and that will serve to tie one by one and form the mobile of hearts that we will use to decorate, as seen in the image.

It is a really easy Valentine's craft that you can even do with children.

When you have your Valentine's decoration ready, the next step is to hang it in some corner of your home such as in the frame of the door, the window, on a lamp, the wall, the headboard of the bed …

What do you think of this decoration of hearts for Valentine? As you can see, it is the small details that make your home look great on Valentine's Day.

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