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Decorating with rose petals is a fantastic idea to apply at events such as a wedding ceremony or to add a touch of romance at a special dinner. For example on Valentine's Day it is a good day to try some fantastic decorative options.

Decorating with rose petals is a beautiful idea. You can also use other types of petals of other flowers that you like more. If you want a fresh decoration, use real roses. But I also remind you that you can get silk flowers or another fabric, to decorate as you want.

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A beautiful and classic idea, to decorate with roses is to spread their petals along a corridor or a carpet, which must be passed through. You can also do this on the bed or on the table where you are going to have dinner. It is a very beautiful decorative option.

Another idea to create a romantic atmosphere is to bet on filling the bathtub with water, add essential oils and spread the rose petals there. If you also add some candles, the place will be cozy and very romantic.

Another idea is to literally paste the petals to a surface. In this way you can line containers that you like and turn these into great candle holders. You can also fill them with other flowers or with other types of ornaments.

If you want more ideas with petals, I tell you that you can decorate even the ice with them. If you have a romantic party or one to which you want to give a special touch, make ice cubes with petals! They look great and are a beautiful proposal. You can do it with another type of flower that you like, as long as it is well washed and not poisonous.

Finally I tell you that you can also make potpourri with roses. Alone or in combination they will give a spectacular aroma to your home. I hope you like these proposals. What others could you contribute?

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