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The use of earrings and piercings can end up making the ear inflamed. If that’s your case, rest assured! Dermatologist Renata Marques (CRM-RJ 814717) clarified our doubts about the problem and even gave us tips for dealing with it. Look that:

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Why does the ear become inflamed?

Renata indicates that, in most cases, the inflammation occurs due to the allergy of the material of the jewelry placed. nickel is the most allergic metal. Symptoms are usually redness, pain and excretion of pus. It’s worth keeping an eye on!

How to treat the inflamed ear

The dermatologist says that the use of an ointment or cream with anti-inflammatory and antiallergic should be performed. Also, avoid rubbing and touching the hole with dirty hands. It must always be sanitized! And remember to always consult your dermatologist.

How to avoid the inflamed ear

It is most appropriate to avoid contact with the material to which you are allergic. So, pay attention to the jewelry you use and bet on the ones that don’t hurt you. Opt for biocompatible metals with the body, such as titanium, it is the safest option. Also, avoid getting your hands dirty and don’t abuse the friction in a newly made hole.

By following the tips and keeping an eye on your earrings you will be able to care for or avoid an inflamed ear without major problems. Check out these 30 ear piercings to get inspired and rock with the right jewel!

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