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The cleansing balm is a cleansing product with a solid and soft texture, which melts on contact with the skin and turns into an oil. This makes it great for carrying in your purse, since you don’t risk it leaking. In addition, its use is very practical. To choose which one to buy, see the list below:

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1. Cleansing Balm Mango, by Terra Aroma – $

This is an ideal cleansing balm for all skin types. In addition, it removes makeup and cleanses the skin deeply without damaging it, leaving it hydrated and soft. Its constant use helps to reduce blackheads. It can be used in place of facial soaps.

“In addition to emulsifying VERY well, this mixture removes makeup perfectly. He managed to remove even the eyeliner from Inglot and KVD, which I consider more resistant. I also didn’t feel my eyes fog or sting. After rinsing, I notice my skin is clean, without any oily residue. ” – Rita

2. Cleansing Balm, by Dalla Makeup – $

This vegan option deeply cleans pores, removes waterproof makeup, replaces soap and leaves skin silky and hydrated. It also does not irritate the eyes and has a calming, detox and toning effect. It is free of mineral oils, parabens and fragrances.

“He removed all the makeup, the waterproof mascara. The skin is very soft, delicious and silky. ” – Julli Beauty

3. Relax Cleansing Balm Facial Cleanser – $$

Another vegan alternative, this is a national product, biodegradable and made with 95% organic or natural raw materials. Gently cleanses the skin, without removing the protective layer, while leaving it soft. Even so, it removes waterproof makeup and can be used by all skin types. Its fragrance is mild.

“I was very satisfied with the makeup power of this product, because it removes makeup from the lightest to the heaviest.” – Diana Quintino

4. Facial Cleansing Cream and Chamomile Cleanser, by The Body Shop – $$$

Butter-textured, this cleansing balm dissolves impurities and removes all makeup residue – even waterproof. In addition, it is refreshing and leaves the skin soft. All with a slight chamomile aroma.

“I found a great oily make-up remover, it is very good for those days when you put a lot of make-up products on your face and want to clean everything when you get home! Especially in the eye area, since it really removes all residues without irritating or blurring the eye or the skin! ” – Karen Bachini

5. Cleansing Balm, by Lululun – $$$$

This is an option that cleans impurities, protector and makeup that are difficult to remove. Glides easily on skin, keeping it hydrated even after rinsing.

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“This product surprised me a lot […] he has a wonderful performance. ” – Thamires Nascimento

6. Clean it Zero, Banila Co – $$$$

Removes impurities deeply and removes waterproof makeup lightly, without leaving the skin oily. It does not affect the natural balance of the skin, so the result is a hydrated and fresh skin. In addition, its formula is hypoallergenic, it takes active vegetables, thermal water, vitamin C and vitamin E.

“Wonderful product, removes all makeup, including eyelash mask and waterproof sunscreen, in a practical and efficient way.” – Luana

7. Take the Day Off, by Clinique – $$$$

This is a product suitable for all skin types. It quickly removes resistant makeup from the eyes and face, as well as sunscreen. It also cleanses pollution and leaves the skin looking young. It is not oily, does not dry out the skin and does not irritate the eyes.

“It doesn’t burn the garlic, it doesn’t get greasy, it removes everything […]. This makeup remover is very good for those who are too lazy to take off their makeup. ” – Jessica Flores

8. RMK’s Moist Cleansing Balm – $$$$$

Deep cleanses the skin, eliminating impurities and heavy makeup. Moisturizes the skin and leaves it soft in addition to having the fragrance of roses.

“It’s a very soft creamy butter […] is one of the things I liked the most about the product […]. After rinsing, it leaves a light oily film on the skin, which is to prevent dryness. ” – Thamires Nascimento

9. All Clean Balm, by Heimish – $$$$$

It is ideal for all skin types, especially for sensitive ones. Deeply cleans impurities and removes all makeup without drying the skin.

“[…] in contact with water, the product emulsifies (turns white) and comes out completely. At the end of the process, we have a clean, smooth skin with no redness or tightness. ” – Mari G.

10. The Cleansing Balm, by DUO – $$$$$

It is a product that works as a soap, cleans the pores, exfoliates the skin, is moisturizing and a massage balm. Its formula has hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, nano collagen and nano ceramides.

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“The difference with this cleansing balm, in my opinion, is the texture, although it looks like a conventional balm, it doesn’t have the appearance of butter […]. It turns into a super light oil. ” – Thamires Nascimento

So, were you interested in this product? Practical and easy to use, it is a great bet to leave your skin always clean. Now, how about getting to know lip balm, a lip balm that can also be part of your routine?

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