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By Nicole Dias

On 14.04.21

Let him throw the first stone who never wondered if he would be lucky in love, achievements at work or happiness in life. The tarot is a way to get some clues about what the future holds. Want to understand more about the subject and answer your questions? Check out the tips from esoteric content producer Bianca Steffen Lopes.

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What is the tarot and what is it for


The tarot is a set of cards that can be defined as a spiritual compass, indicating trends and better paths to follow. It has a universal language through drawings, symbols and numbers, and was created in the 14th century in Europe.

It is an interesting tool to assess your personality, difficulties, love life, family and other important fields of life. Bianca Steffen comments that a tarot run does not predict with 100% certainty what will happen to the person or in any situation. “Depending on the game played with a tarot reader, it will indicate the energy of the general moment or on a specific issue, and how to make the best of it. Or, also, how to overcome possible obstacles that appear in the result of the oracle ”, complements the producer of esoteric content.

Where to play tarot online

Whether for free or paid, there is no shortage of sites for those who want to know what the letters reveal. Check out the best sites to play tarot cards online:

  • Personare: once a day it is possible to consult the letters for free and receive guidance to make the best of each situation.
  • iQuilibrio: focus on a question and choose a letter. On this site the game of the 3 cards of the Tarot de Marseille is free and easy.
  • Astrocentre: the love tarot is the success of the site. The game provides answers to different questions in the universe of relationships. It also has its own team of tarologists who serve online with different specialties.
  • We are all one: What would you like to know? Completely complete, this website features love, emotional, work, osho, spiritual, Egyptian and gypsy cards tarot.

Some sites have a circulation of responses previously created. So be aware that the result will not always be personalized for you.

How to play tarot

Did you know that anyone can perform the tarot game at home? If you are interested in the subject, see the tips to start drawing the cards.

Study what each card represents

Tarologa Jeni

Bianca Steffen comments that the apprentice must study the symbolism of each letter. Steffen gives a hint: “Imagining her application in real life, with some logic, for me was the simplest way to understand”.

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Invest in a traditional tarot

According to Bianca, it is important that the apprentice buys a more traditional tarot of his choice and goes on studying a little, every day, reading general meanings and testing games. The most widely used decks in the world are the Marseille Tarot and the Rider-Waite Tarot.

Create your method

Gypsy Inspiration

There are several ways to take out a tarot, which can be with 3, 5, 7, 10 or 12 cards – the professional can personalize and create his own method. For beginners, a good suggestion is to draw 3 cards: “one for each area of ​​life (love, work or another subject), or 3 cards for the same issue (divided between positive, negative aspects and advice)”, advises Bianca.

Understand that you don’t need to be a medium or have special gifts

Bianca Steffen affirms that in the esoteric world it is believed that everyone has some degree of mediumship, being visions, seizures or the most keen intuition. In the words of the producer of esoteric content: “I believe that everyone can learn to play. You can take courses, watch videos, read books or study on your own ”.

Learn the differences between tarot and gypsy deck

Vanessa Ferrari

The only thing that the tarot and the gipsy deck have in common is the ability to answer questions and open up possibilities. Bianca explains that the gypsy deck has 36 cards with more direct meanings and is more related to the actions of human beings. While the traditional tarot has a more divine interpretation. Both are different ways of obtaining answers and paths, which can be complementary, including.

The more you study, the better at interpreting the tarot cards will get. So, dedicate yourself! Create a study routine to understand the meaning of the letters.

Where to buy tarot

The universe of tarot decks is wide and there are several ways to represent the graphics. Check below for suggestions on where to find to buy your tarot deck:

  • WeMystic: specializing in esoteric products, the store has tarot options from Marseille, the saints, the angels, the witches, the orixás and the gypsy deck.
  • Esoteric Brazil: in addition to tarot decks, Brasil Esotérico has several books for those who want to learn more about the subject. In addition, it has articles for decoration, aromatherapy and feng shui.
  • Wicca Corner: if you are looking for imported items, this is the store you should access. Recanto Wicca has different decks and incredible books on tarot.
  • Amazon: large retailers also have good tarot alternatives. At Amazon there are decks for all tastes and pockets.

It is worth remembering that regardless of the design of your deck, the classic structure with 78 arcana remains.

Tarot card meanings

Bianca Steffen explains that the traditional tarot, like that of Marseille, has 78 cards divided between Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. Learn more about their differences and meanings below.

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Major arcana

“The Major Arcana follow the journey of spiritual evolution of the human being and bring the archetypes of society, such as O Mago, A Lua and A Morte, expressing every part of the process of this journey”, comments Bianca.

  • The crazy: new stories are about to begin and it is time to break ties with the past. The letter O Louco has to do with moving forward with courage, joy and spontaneity.
  • The magician: this is the letter of opportunities, of beginnings, of putting plans into practice. It is related to the planet Mercury and, therefore, it concerns the ability to communicate.
  • The Pope: also known as “The Priestess”, this card is about using wisdom and intuition to overcome challenges. You need to be calm and, if necessary, reinvent yourself.
  • The Empress: when this card appears in a game, it indicates that things are going well and that achievements may happen soon. It has to do with abundance, beauty and harmony.
  • The emperor: very positive, this letter reveals that the person is about to have an accomplishment, mainly in relation to the achievement of goals.
  • The pope: also known as The Hierophant and The Priest, this letter reveals that it is necessary to reflect a little, study and, if possible, ask for advice from someone superior – be it a person or a spiritual being.
  • The Lovers: it may seem, but this letter is not simply about relationships. It is about choices, good partnerships and the need to choose a path.
  • The car: it indicates achievements, but they demand merit. The letter symbolizes that achievements are on the way, as long as there is focus and determination to achieve them.
  • The Justice: it is about balance and fair decisions. It means that choices must be made with caution and harmony, according to what is right.
  • The Hermit: the issue being analyzed (such as relationship or work, for example) needs a break. That’s because the letter involves reflection and not doing anything impulsively.
  • The Wheel of Fortune: at the same time that it can indicate upward movement, this card can indicate downward movement. This is because it has to do with movements of change, with life cycles. It all depends on what was previously planted.
  • The power: indicates that it is necessary to tame inner lions in order to be successful. The force is not physical, but internal. It involves self-knowledge and spiritual help.
  • The Hanged Man: also known as The Hanging, is a letter of detachment. Indicates that there is inertia in some aspect of life. It is necessary to reflect and see what can be thrown away so that things can flow again.
  • The death: this letter may be scary, but it does not necessarily mean that bad things are coming. It represents detachment, rebirth and transformation.
  • Temperance: it is necessary to remain calm even in the face of stressful situations. Temperance indicates the need to be patient and pay attention to the journey. All in good time.
  • The devil: it indicates that there are excesses and a lot of attachment to earthly things. You have to be pragmatic, take charge of the situation, and let go of what doesn’t work.
  • The tower: it indicates sudden changes – not always positive – that lead to some action. You have to look inside, reflect, be calm and wait for the harmony to return.
  • The star: a letter that can represent the arrival of good things. It is also about freeing yourself from the past, believing in yourself and taking advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead.
  • The moon: the moon has to do with following instincts, but always with attention to avoid mistakes. It is necessary to observe what is around, organize ideas and open your eyes wide.
  • The sun: a strong card, which brings a lot of brightness and a lot of light. When this letter appears, it indicates that things tend to work out and that they can happen suddenly.
  • The judgement: it’s time to start over. This letter shows things may be stagnant now, but they are sure to happen. You have to be patient and resilient to wait for the new cycle to arrive.
  • The world: it is a letter of achievement and conclusion, very positive. Something is coming to an end so that something better has space. Keep your feet on the ground: good news is coming.

It is important to note that the cards do not have only one meaning and that they can be related to the others within a game.

Minor arcana

The Smaller Bows are 56 cards divided between the 4 suits of a deck (Clubs, Spades, Hearts and Diamonds) from Ace to 10 with the King, Queen, Page and Knight. “They serve to complement the Major Arcana and still symbolize figures or stages of a cycle”, says Bianca.

  • Hearts: indicates feelings, affective bonds, relationships (not necessarily loving). It also has to do with the unconscious, with fears and dreams. It is a suit with a positive message.
  • Sticks: usually has to do with work in general. Suggests movement, dynamism. The message is simple: there needs to be action and effort for things to happen.
  • Swords: when a card of this suit appears, it usually brings the idea of ​​battles, especially emotional ones. Talks about strategies, thoughts and conflicts.
  • Gold: it has a strong connection with finance and money, but it’s not limited to that. It can indicate growth, stability and completed projects.

In addition to the tarot, are you interested in other esoteric practices? Check out great tips for making an herbal bath!

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