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By Isla Ramos

On 10.03.21

Natural brown is a timeless nuance, which brings a lot of naturalness and lightness to the look. For you who want to invest in color, we will show you how to get to that shade and the stores to buy the products, in addition to incredible inspirations. Follow us!

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What is the color of natural brown

This color refers to the variety of tones, depending on the light and the natural background of your hair. It is possible to find shades from the lightest to the darkest. When looking for paints in these nuances, look for the numbering 4.0 – even reaching medium brown to have the effect. See, below, the main stores for you to buy!

7 stores to buy natural brown paint and marvel at the shades

We have listed some online stores and products for you to get that wonderful shade and rock your new hair!

  1. Natural brown color Imédia Excellence Creme L´Oréal, at Droga Raia
  2. Medium brown color Cor & Ton, at Drogasil
  3. Acquaflora natural brown color tint, in Americanas
  4. Natural brown color paint Casting Creme Gloss L´Oréal, on Onofre
  5. Maxton natural brown paint, at Embelleze
  6. Medium brown Koleston ink, in Submarino
  7. Beauty Color natural brown ink, on Amazon

After checking where to buy dyes for your new dream color, we have prepared a list of inspirations with hair in these nuances, for you to prove the versatility of the tone.

20 photos of natural brown hair that will win you over

Now, how about seeing beautiful inspirations of brown hair and already imagine the result? Take a look!

1. Natural brown hair is unique

Mari Gonzalez

2. That kind of hue

Federica Grech

3. Matches with different personalities

Sara Sampaio

4. And styles

Taylor Spencer

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5. Naturally beautiful nuances

Ana Suptitz

6. That are amazing!

Justice Domingo

7. Even slightly lit

Mario Henrique

8. A hair that delights

Olivia Culpo

9. And it proves to be very versatile

Marissa Oliveira

10. Impossible not to fall in love

Duo + Beauty salon

11. Get stuck in a super stylish bun

Shirley Santana

12. Or loose

Aléxia Marina

13. In any case, the delicacy of the tone

Mariana Sampaio

14. The power

Jada Delgado

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15. And beauty

Luciana Rippi

16. Surprise and conquer

Victoria Rocha

17. A completely light color

Lis Aguiar

18. Highlighting different styles

Stefani Bays

19. That they find in that hue

Gabriela Versiani

20. The perfect match!


How much wonderful inspiration, isn’t it? To get your version of natural brown hair, learn from the steps below.

How to dye your hair natural brown

In these videos, you will see the experience of those who have already dyed their hair in that shade and the results obtained. The best thing is that each production is full of tips! Follow:

Step by step to the natural brown at home

Fernanda Joaquina presents, on the vlog, a step by step that starts from the choice of paint, in which she opted for 4.0 from Beauty Color. You also follow the hair treatment stage after coloring.

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From blonde to natural brown

Here, Daniela Lima invests in light brown color toner, which gave a beautiful natural brown result. Check out the step by step and the reports!

Changing color alone: ​​step by step

Renata Castilho also abandoned the blonde lights to bet on a shade of brown. The numbering chosen was also 4.0, with the aim of keeping the hair darker and renewed.

Transformation with brown

In a very relaxed conversation tone, Violeta Bela also says goodbye to blond and opts for brown, bringing several incredible tips!

From red to brown

Ariane Salgueiro bet on total transformation, changing the tones of the threads and the length. It shows the step by step that starts at home, with coloring, and ends at the salon, with mega hair.

If you are still in doubt as to whether you want to adhere to natural brown or a brighter option with earthy tones, learn more about coppery brown, a classic and elegant color!

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