DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas : 6 simple ideas that don’t break the bank

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Wow! It’s a great season again and we are happy about it. Aren’t you?

If you are looking for DIY Christmas decoration ideas , you are doing the right thing getting prepared now.

The good news is that you don’t have to spend all your money on décor, you can plan simple ideas by yourself with your families to help. You have nothing to worry about because beauty and aesthetics won’t be sacrificed. At the end of the day, there won’t be any obvious difference between having bought it or done it yourself.

If you are looking for Christmas decoration ideas DIY for your inside or outside display, you have nothing to worry about. So, let’s talk about 10 simple tips for Christmas decoration ideas DIY that we are recommending for you below.

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7 Tips for Christmas Decoration Ideas DIY

1. Create Your Christmas Mantle Fitting

You don’t have to spend on an expensive Christmas tree. Yes, you heard that. You can create your own Christmas home-made effect without failing to impress your visitors by borrowing from DIY Christmas decoration ideas.

You can even do this around a mirror to further accent the beauty of any mantle color that you choose. Some of the things you need are snowflakes made of foam, glitters, and large Christmas letters that you can get on a budget.

Create Your Christmas Mantle Fitting


2. DIY Jar Candle Lights

You don’t have to spend on any fancy Christmas candle lights. How can you do this?

Get some Epsom salt and glitters. Pour it in jars to create the effect of snow. Place your candles in each and lay them on your mantle or your wine bar.

It’s that simple.


3. Make Tabletop Trees

If you have some colorful fabric, pins, and poster board laying unused in the house, now is the time to be creative.

To make it more colorful, you can put some Christmas lights around them. That is just what you might want to spend on while you spend your time making your tabletop trees.

Make Tabletop Trees

4. Wrap Silverware with Christmas Colors Little Shawl or Stockings

You don’t have to go extra miles to incur debts because of Christmas. This Christmas decoration idea DIY is going to impress everyone when they eventually get to the table.

Since you will be using the theme colors for Christmas –red and white, you are going to make a perfect impression on your visitors.

Wrap Silverware with Christmas Colors Little Shawl or Stockings

5. Fill Apothecary Jars with Gifts

Do you have gifts or anything which you want to treat your visitors to? Why not wrap them in Christmas theme colors that catch attention?

To add more fun to it, you can make incorporate a contest into it. Like Christmas riddles and jokes and whoever gets the answers right gets the chance to pick gifts from the apothecary jars as many times as possible.

Fill Apothecary Jars with Gifts

6. Hang Home-Made Festive Spear-Shaped Ice

There is no restriction to how you can hang your home-made during this Christmas. You can use any kind of hard paper-like wrapping papers, cardboards, and craft paper.

Other things that you need are glue, fishing line, and tape. To give it the look of the season and aesthetic, you should incorporate colors like red, white, blue, and green. It’s going to be a great Christmas decorations ideas DIY.

Hang Home-Made Festive Spear-Shaped Ice

7. Optimize Your Fireplace

Create a different effect around your fireplace this season. You can create your mantle around it or simply decorate the fireplace with snow jar candle lights.

Other Christmas decoration DIY ideas which you can do is to decorate your fireplace with Christmas banner or garland.

On the other hand, you can make use of candle lights without the use of jar laid colorfully around the fireplace.

Optimize Your Fireplace

26 Others Diy Christmas Decoration Ideas 


When you start making plans for DIY Christmas decoration ideas, you will have all the time at hand to make other plans with your families.

There are a lot of DIY Christmas decoration ideas that you can use to add fun to your Christmas.

Should you have any question regarding DIY Christmas decorations ideas for the outside of your home, feel free to send in your questions.

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