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by Heloisa Keiko

On 07.02.21

Much coveted on social networks, the skincare refrigerator is the new darling of beauty bloggers! But despite all the charm of the item, does it offer real benefits for skin care products? We spoke with dermatologist Daniela Bellucci (CRM: 89858) to understand more about the subject! Check out:

What is a skincare refrigerator and what is it for


The skincare refrigerator is basically a reduced – and more charming – version of the traditional refrigerator: however, some specifics, such as the temperature – usually around 10ºC to 15ºC, higher than the traditional refrigerator, which keeps below 10ºC -. Ease of transport and the possibility of connecting it to USB ports and a socket are differentials that make this mini-refrigerator more recommended for storing some beauty products.

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According to the dermatologist, the skincare refrigerator is very useful for those who value skin care, especially living in the hottest regions of the country: “in those cities where it is very hot, skincare refrigerators are a great option. In addition, by keeping the cosmetics at a temperature that is not as low as that of traditional refrigerators, it is even possible to store all the products inside the refrigerator”, explains the dermatologist.

Questions about skincare refrigerator

Before investing in a skincare refrigerator, some questions may arise. Therefore, specialist Daniela Bellucci highlighted some important issues about this product. Follow:

  • What cosmetics can be stored in the skincare refrigerator: Daniela explains that products that contain acids or whiteners are the most suitable to be stored in the skincare refrigerator “especially acids, whiteners, manipulated formulas and Vitamins C are substances that destabilize at high temperatures, which can compromise the effectiveness of the products”, says the dermatologist. In addition, she also recommends storing moisturizing and calming creams at lower temperatures, for the pleasant sensation they provide when refrigerated.
  • Can putting products in the fridge spoil it? the products, when refrigerated at a temperature between 10ºC and 15ºC, do not spoil, quite the contrary! According to Daniela, “many cosmetics need refrigeration because they contain substances that oxidize or destabilize when subjected to high temperatures.” For this reason, it is recommended that cosmetics be stored away from the sun and heat – and the skincare refrigerator is an environment that meets these two recommendations.
  • Products that should not be stored in the skincare refrigerator: according to the dermatologist, there are no contraindications regarding the storage of products in the skincare refrigerator, since refrigeration does not reach levels below 10ºC. “Since the temperature is higher than that of the traditional refrigerator, you can put everything you use inside the fridge”, comments the specialist.
  • What are the advantages of the skincare refrigerator over the traditional refrigerator? the traditional refrigerator refrigerates food at temperatures below 10ºC, while the skincare refrigerator reaches values ​​between 10ºC and 15ºC. Thus, the products are kept at room temperature, which, according to the dermatologist, is recommended. “Another advantage is that the person can leave the fridge in an easily accessible place, which makes it easier to use. In the traditional refrigerator, it is very common to forget to use the products”, explains Daniela.

Now that you know everything about the skincare refrigerator, how about checking out some models available on the market and choosing the one that you like the most?

The best skincare refrigerators

With the most diverse colors and models, the skincare refrigerator is a high investment: that’s why it’s important to define what are the most important features of the product for you! In this list, we separate the best options in the market, and we list the particularities of each version.

1. Pink Laxmi Beautycooler Skincare Refrigerator – $$$$

In addition to the color and design of this skincare refrigerator, which make the product even more charming, Laxmi Beautycooler has the best cost-benefit ratio in the market: it has a capacity a little higher than the others, it is silent and bivolt, which makes its much more practical use.

“The time the fridge uses for cooling is about 5 minutes and it’s super-cold, so it’s a pretty quick time for a small fridge. ” – Caroline Aoyama

2. Retro Multilaser Skincare Refrigerator – $$$

Even though it is not a refrigerator suitable for skincare, the Multilaser model is widely used for this purpose, as it is identical to the original versions and because it reaches similar temperatures. The main advantage is the price and the retro design – but the cooling is not as intense as the others, and the noise can be a nuisance for those who purchase this model.

“this refrigerator makes noise, a little more than the air conditioner. I don’t recommend storing it in the bedroom, but in the bathroom, on the counter, that’s all!” – Camila Cleo

3. Océane Skincare Refrigerator – $$$$

One of the most classic skincare refrigerator models, the Océane version combines the retro design with the baby pink color, which brings an air of sophistication to the product. Another difference is that this version is very silent – ​​and is the ideal option for those who want to keep the fridge in their room.

“I was going to buy a uglier refrigerator, from Brazil, which at least is more affordable. I went to see some reviews and everyone complained about the other brands in relation to the noise of the refrigerators, which are sometimes in the bedroom, in the bathroom, but with a noise like an airplane engine. This one, mine, at least, makes zero noise – I even think it’s not on, but when I open it, it’s freezing cold in there!” – Chris Castro

4. Bruna Tavares skincare refrigerator – $$$$

Ideal for those looking for a more clean and minimalist design, the Bruna Tavares skincare refrigerator is the ideal option! Another advantage is the capacity, slightly superior to traditional models, and the bivolt option, which allows the refrigerator to be connected to 110V and 220V outlets.

“It comes with three cables: the one you plug into the fridge, the second is the ac/dc adapter, which you plug into the wall socket, and it’s bivolt. There’s also this wire to plug into your car cigarette lighter. Very easy, very simple, very practical!” – Jessica Roese

5. Lala Rudge Skincare Refrigerator – $$$$$

Lala Rudge’s skincare refrigerator model is ideal for those who don’t give up on a more minimalist and elegant model, but who insist that the color of the product be pink! Despite the higher value compared to other products, this version is consolidated in the international market and is a great bet for those who already know the brand!

“Of all the fridge freezers I’ve seen on the domestic market, the design of this fridge in particular was what I liked the most: it’s very beautiful, very delicate!” – Goddess Constanzi

With several different models and options, you can choose the perfect skincare fridge for your profile!

Skincare Refrigerator Experiences

In addition to the specifics of each product version, it is also important to know the experience of people who purchased the product. That’s why we’ve separated some videos with opinions from Youtubers who shared other important information about the skincare fridge:

Is the effect of skincare products in the fridge different?

In this video, Youtuber shows you the inside of your Avon skincare refrigerator and what products you store in it. In addition, she also tests the refrigerated products, showing the differences she felt compared to the product at room temperature.

Does the skincare refrigerator use a lot of energy?

According to the video, the energy consumption of the Beauty Cooler skincare refrigerator does not significantly change the value of the electricity bill – Youtuber even brings the information that, according to the manufacturer, the cost is similar to that of a light bulb.

The noise of the skincare refrigerator

The noise that the skincare refrigerator makes varies a lot according to each model – so it is important to make sure that the option you selected is quieter or, as is the case with this Youtuber, place the product in a place where the noise won’t bother you – like in the bathroom, for example.

Now that you know everything about the skincare refrigerator, how about knowing a little more about the products that should be stored in it, such as vitamin C for the face?

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