Dresses to go to an evening wedding


For each occasion there are certain models of dresses that are best, for example, for the promotion party you have to use a different dress than for a 15 year party. The same happens in the celebration of a wedding that takes place in the day or at night.

If you are invited to celebrate a wedding that takes place at night, obviously you have to wear a different look than for a wedding that takes place in the day.

So that you don’t look any further, now I leave you with a wide variety of fashionable dresses to go to an evening wedding.


Short dress

In a celebration that takes place at night, like a wedding, for example. You don’t always have to wear a long dress, you also have the possibility of wearing a short dress with an elegant and original design. There are very elegant short dresses.

This short purple dress is an example of this, it has an elegant design perfect for an evening look. With three-quarter sleeves and a neckline style full of originality.


Sexy dress

If you have decided to wear a short dress, you have different options in terms of its length. You can opt for a short dress with a length that reaches below the knees, just to the knees or above.

To achieve a sexy and elegant look so that you are at the height of the celebration, this elegant short black dress that reaches above the knee is perfect. Thanks to the V-shaped neckline, it makes it an original nightwear.


Asymmetric dress

One dress that we cannot fail to mention in this fashion collection is this original draped gray asymmetric dress model. It is a special garment that you can normally use for an event day or night with total comfort.

But the asymmetric style that this dress model has, is not like the classics that have an asymmetrical neckline, this design style has it in the skirt area, that is to say that this therm with an asymmetric cut that adds elegance to the garment.


Long dress

A long dress will always allow you to achieve an elegant and sophisticated look, but the disadvantage of a long evening dress is that it cannot always be worn to all kinds of events, it is only reserved for a gala event, such as a wedding, for example.

This beautiful blue evening dress, with an opening in the skirt, sleeveless, with a sexy neckline and a type of cut that fits perfectly to the body, is perfect for an evening wedding or for any formal or gala event.


Black dress

The black color is the most elegant par excellence and special for any occasion that takes place at night. Although, in the past it was not well seen the use of this dress for a wedding celebration, it is said that it brings bad luck.

But those beliefs have been left a bit behind, now you can wear a black dress without any problem.


Current trend dress

The different models of dresses that I share with you next, are the most beautiful of the latest fashion trends.




short-dress-with-ruffle-skirt short-cocktail-dress








pregnant-party-dress-models1 asymmetrical-modern-dresses


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