Emily Ratajkowski accuses photographer Jonathan Leder of raping her


As society experiences unprecedented freedom of speech regarding sexual assault, in the wake of the MeToo movement, here is a testimony that could have the effect of a bomb!

Through a shocking text published on September 15 on the site The Cute, and in which she unvarnished her condition as a woman and her dispossessed image as a model, the top model Emily Ratajkowski reveals to have been raped by the photographer Jonathan Leder.


This assault, of which she claims to have been the victim, would have taken place at the end of an unpaid photo shoot organized at the man she accuses, who is known in the community for his erotic pictures.

Photo credit: Andrea Raffin / Shutterstock

Emily Ratajkowski accuses Jonathan Leder of rape

Emily Ratajkowski, 22 at the time, says she went to the shoot without apprehension but discovered at the last moment that she had to pose in lingerie, which was not planned beforehand.

Having already carried out this kind of sessions ” countless times », She does not worry too much and accepts the proposal of Jonathan Leder, who hands her a glass of wine that she does not refuse.

A second will follow and again, the young woman readily accepts, determined to show the photographer that she is not impressed by the situation. After passing through the hands of the makeup artist, she lets herself be guided.

The shooting begins and goes first without a hitch, but Jonathan Leder is quickly dissatisfied and the first pictures bother him. He then asks his make-up artist to open a new bottle of wine, fill the glasses and re-style Emily.

Let’s try naked now “, He would then have launched to the latter.

The second I dropped my clothes, a part of me fell apart, she recalls. I started to feel myself floating off of me, imagining myself climbing back up onto the bed. I arched my back, pursed my lips. I settled on the idea of ​​looking through the lens of his camera. The flash was so dazzling and I had drunk so much wine that giant black spots were spreading in front of my eyes », Confides the model.

The session ends then the make-up artist goes upstairs to bed, leaving Emily Ratajkowski alone with Jonathan Leder who begins to ask her indiscreet questions about her life as a couple, while paying her compliments.

What followed is fuzzy, not what I feel, continues the young woman, I don’t remember kissing him. What I remember is that his fingers suddenly entered me. Stronger and harder, pushing and pushing, like nobody touched me before or touched me since “.

It really, really hurt me. Instinctively, I put my hand on her wrist and pulled her fingers away from me forcefully. I didn’t say a word. He then stood up abruptly and rushed silently into the darkness to go up the stairs. », She confides again

Upon awakening, the victim and her executioner leave each other without exchanging a word and Emily Ratajkowski keeps this story to herself.

In his defense, Jonathan Leder engages in … “slut-shaming”

Four years after this dramatic photo shoot, Jonathan Leder published a book containing 71 pictures taken during this famous evening and put it on sale for $ 80. At the same time, the Imperial Publishing house decided to present some of these photos on the occasion of an exhibition.

At no time did the model give consent.

Some of these images were posted on Jonathan’s Instagram, they were some of the most stripped down and vulgar Polaroids he had taken of me. I was livid and frantic », She explains.

She then tries to ban the publication of the book but fails to win the case, due to an obscure contract signed upstream and in its place by her agent.

Asked about these accusations of alleged rape by the site The Cut, Jonathan Leder refutes allegations he judges ” too rude and childish “.

He even goes even further by counter-attacking with a rhetoric faithful to “slut-shaming”, which consists in stigmatizing and making guilty women whose behavior is considered provocative or overtly sexual.

“You know who we’re talking about, don’t you?” This is the girl who posed nude in Treats magazine! and who bounced naked in the Robin Thicke music video at the time. Do you really think he’s a victim? », He retorts.

Note that, since this photo shoot of sad memory for Emily Ratajkowski, Jonathan Leder has published two other books containing pictures taken that day.

And despite the painful memory that this shooting represents, the latter did not wish to oppose it, refusing to waste her time, energy and money in a too long legal battle.

Jonathan will end up running out of crisp Polaroids, while I will remain the real Emily (…) the one who wrote this essay. She will continue to make a place for herself where she can », Concluded, a bit philosophical, the model.

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