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You’re dying to do a really beautiful make up, but have no idea where to start? Then this story is for you! With amazing makeup tips for beginners, you can check out the best products, well didactic tutorials and even a complete list with the most beautiful makeup on the internet.

What to buy for a simple and wonderful make up

If you don’t have any products or have few makeup things at home, then no problem! The following list brings the basic products that every good make-up kit needs to have. It has from foundation, eyeshadow palette to good old lipstick. Just check it out:

1. Primer

A good makeup starts with the primer, as this product helps to leave the skin smoother, even and without many pores. In addition, it holds the make longer! Want to know where to find this wonder? So, check it out:

  1. Eudora;
  2. The boticario.
  3. Sephora;

2. Base

To leave the skin in the correct tone and with that healthy face, you should invest in a really nice foundation. And attention: always choose a quality product, as this prevents it from oxidizing and getting a wrong color when applying, ok?

  1. Sephora;
  2. Vult.
  3. Cosmetics era.

3. Concealer

You know those annoying spots you have on your face? Know that you hide them with a good concealer! With this product, you can also disguise dark circles and even pimples. Check only where you can buy:

  1. The boticario;
  2. MAC.
  3. Sephora.

4. Powder

To set the foundation, the tip is to bet on a powder that matches your skin tone. It can also be used without foundation on a daily basis, when you want to opt for a faster and more basic makeup, ok? See only the stores where you can buy this product:

  1. Vult;
  2. Sephora.
  3. MAC.

5. Shadow palette

To make your eyelid beautiful, shadows come into play. And if you want to have several options for colors and tones, then bet on a very complete palette. Choose your favorite and play:

  1. MAC;
  2. Vult.
  3. The boticario.

6. Blush

Do you want to give your makeup a very special up and leave it with that healthy look? So be sure to buy a blush for your kit. And there’s no shortage of color options, huh. Just take a look:

  1. Cosmetics period;
  2. Vult.
  3. The boticario.

7. Mascara

Lift your eyes with a really powerful mascara. Very high, this product leaves the lashes more voluminous, longer or curved, depending on your desire and preference. Oh, and there are also waterproof options, huh!

  1. The boticario;
  2. MAC.
  3. Cosmetics era.

8. Lipstick

Finally, to close your makeup with a flourish, the basics of the basics: lipstick! And for this product you will find a sea of ​​options, colors and textures. So, when in doubt, have at least two lipsticks in your house!

  1. Vult;
  2. Sephora.
  3. MAC.

Now that you know what are the basic products for the starter kit, the tip is to invest little by little. First, buy foundation and lipstick. Then go adding the other items you think are essential for your make. In time, you have a complete collection and that is just like you!

Makeup tutorials for beginners

Now you know what are the essential products when making a good makeup, right? But how to apply each of them? You already know? If you still don’t know or have questions, then be sure to watch the tutorials below. The tips are from professionals and the girls who rock the makeup!

Easy makeup for beginners

Who doesn’t have a lot of practice with makeup and doesn’t really know where to start, will love this super-explanatory tutorial from the queen of makeup, Alice Salazar. The tip is to vary the colors of the eyeshadow, so you can play with different shades and choose which one suits you best!

Skin preparation

The basics of any makeup is the preparation of the skin, after all, it is the skin that will hold all the other products, in addition to leaving it with a prettier and healthier appearance. And to do this in a very practical way, be sure to watch this video!

Everyday makeup for beginners

Do you need to work or study and want to make a very practical, basic but mega beautiful make up? So, the tip is to check out this tutorial by Ana Lídia Lopes. Once you get practice, you can do this look in less than ten minutes!

Makeup for beginners with cheap products

If you’re starting to make up now and don’t want to invest in expensive products, the tip is to bet on bases, leftovers, lipsticks and other products that are cheaper, but with good quality. Thus, you will be learning and evolving little by little.

Makeup for beginners from scratch

How about learning to make up from scratch? With clean skin and a good primer, you already have the foundation you need to move on. Are you curious? So, check out the video and follow the 15 steps to perfect self makeup!

Makeup for professional beginners

Do you have that party to go, but don’t know what make up to do? No problem, with this video, you can learn how to produce salon-level makeup, but without difficulties. Take care of the leftover colors, the false eyelash and lipstick, ok?

Night Makeup for Beginners

Now, if you really want to rock the club, then invest in these night makeup ideas! Perfect for beginners, it is very easy and is ready in less than half an hour. And remember to invest in a stronger color palette!

Very easy, isn’t it? The tip for you to become an expert in makeup is always to practice. Start with something more basic that you know you can handle. Over time, you progress and start making more elaborate makeups. A blast!

20 simple makeup photos for beginners to get inspired

Finally, how about taking a look at these different makeup options? The images below bring very cool ideas, different and that promise to please all tastes! Choose your favorites and test it right there at home today.

1. Makeup doesn’t have to have complications

Camila Nunes

2. Anyone can do and rock

Joyce Kitamura

3. Be something more basic for everyday life

D arlany F arias

4. Or more elaborate, for a party, for example

Karen Bachini

5. But the tip is to start somewhere!


6. Because that way, you get the practice

Veronica Acassia

7. And gradually learn the basics of the basics

Tasha Cole

8. Always invest in quality products

tainara kings

9. And that they make everything very harmonious

Jessica Juvencio

10. And for that you need to know your tastes, right?


11. So, you can make that make up that is just like you

Anna Sarelly

12. And if you produce for the most varied occasions

Ju Rudder

13. What may seem like a seven-headed bug at first

Roman Ju

14. It ends up getting easier and more automatic over time

McKenna Kaelin Suman

15. So take a chance!

bruna tukamoto

16. Play in different models, options and inspirations

Ana Lídia Lopes

17. And don’t be afraid to make mistakes

Juliana Louise

18. Because when it comes to makeup there is no right or wrong

Nayane Barbosa

19. But what makes you happy


20. And that highlights the diva you already are!


See how there are no complications? You just need a few basics and a little extra time to practice makeup. And to get inspired by other makes, be sure to check out these beautiful basic makeups!

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