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What dress should I wear ?, is the question that all women ask ourselves when they invite us to a party or event. The first thing that has to be taken into account is what type of event and thus the choice of dress can be hit. Depending on whether it will be in the morning, at night or in the afternoon, the different type of suit should be chosen. Likewise, it must be taken into account if it is an event that is elegant or not to be dressed in accordance with the rest of the attendees and not clash. Well, if you still can’t decide, you can call the hostess or the host and ask what type the label is. That way you won’t have to fail.

Evening Dresses with Long Sleeves, it is a bit strange because it seems that there is not. Whether it is winter or summer season, firms opt for dresses with short sleeves or dresses without sleeves even if it is very cold. And we cool girls need dresses with long sleeves that our little arms warm us. That is why I decided to make an article on evening dresses with long sleeves and I have also searched the best stores for a selection of the best dresses with long sleeves.

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It is time to put aside the dresses without sleeves and better opt for dresses with sleeves that also make you look beautiful and sexy. In addition, long-sleeved dresses take center stage without the need to add anything per enzyme. The most elegant evening dresses are printed or plain. For this, below I will show you two models of dresses with long sleeves.

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Dress Sleeve Style:

The various styles of dress sleeve have evolved over the years to complement women’s outfits, whether for function or fashion. Today’s dresses have a great diversity of sleeve styles, and you should learn the styles that best complement the suit, you should look for the dresses that show the most beautiful parts of the body.

Balloon.- This type of sleeve is characterized by being a little wide at the shoulder, it starts tapering from that part to the elbows and then enlarges from the elbow until it reaches the wrist of the hand. It is called a balloon sleeve because it is swollen at the wrist and appears to be full of air.

Bell.- This sleeve does not have a cuff, but is tightened at the entrance of the arm and widens at the wrist. Well, the end of the sleeve is wide and hangs free. The bell sleeve is ideal for women who have very thick arms.

Cap.- This type of sleeve only covers the shoulder, in ball mode. By providing less shelter, it is used in the summer season and ideal for women who have defined arms.

Dolman.- This type of sleeve became very popular in the past decades and it widens from the bodice of the dress instead of the upper face of the suit. The handle does not really have an armhole, but if it is connected to the waist line, it is delimited by the movement of the arm. Other people know him as bat-winged magicians.

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