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Every woman grew up believing in the idea that sex needs to have penetration. There are those who say that it is only sex when it involves penetration. But is it really? Is it possible to have maximum pleasure with touches, caresses and everything that involves the famous foreplay? Of course! And we explain (and demystify) everything about gouinage here. Check out:

What is gouinage

Without a direct translation into Portuguese, gouinage is a French term that means “lesbian sex”. Anyone who thinks that the practice consists only of preliminaries is wrong. According to sexologist Maria Beatriz Devides (CRP 08/22019), there is a difference between gouinage and preliminary.

“Preliminary is everything we do after sex ends until the next sexual encounter. Everything that happens in intimacy, from the moment you are there, exposed, without clothes, in partnership and with both of them giving each other pleasure, this is all sex! ”, Explains the specialist.

5 tips for practicing gouinage and having a lot of pleasure


Still according to Maria Beatriz, culturally, sexual intercourse is very genitalized. That is, most people consider sex, or having sex, only when there is penetration. And we know that there is no need for this act to have pleasure, right? But, if you are not yet very familiar with the practice, relax! The following tips will help you explore gouinage and discover new pleasures:

1. The skin as the largest sexual organ

You may have heard that the skin is our biggest organ, right? Nothing better than taking advantage of all its extension to look for and give pleasure to the partner. According to Maria Beatriz, one of the ways to better enjoy the gouinage is to explore the different sensations that the skin can provide us.

“For example, rubbing, brushing, biting, kissing, licking, caressing, putting a little more pressure on a given region, varying the intensity and frequency of that pressure – whether with hands or through contact with other objects,” she emphasizes. The rule here is to discover new places that give pleasure and are not ashamed!

2. The 5 senses enter the scene

Smell, hearing, taste, touch and vision: these are the five senses we have learned since we were young. And nothing better than growing up and learning that they can be explored in other ways! In gouinage, they are essential for a super hot relationship and full of discoveries.

The sexologist recalls that it is important (and very valid) to sharpen smells and flavors and vary textures. So don’t get stuck: bet on sex toys, games and everything that explores all your senses and gives you pleasure.

3. Chat and give your feedback

Any sexual relationship, to be hot, must have a level of affinity. Nobody has a crystal ball to know what exactly the other likes, right? So invest in the conversation with your partner or your partner.

Bet on new things, new touches and sensations, but always talk later about what the other liked, what was not so cool and what needs to be changed. So, you discover new ways to feel and give pleasure!

4. No taboos!

As we have already said, sex is very much linked to culture. And in a genitalized society, it is normal to believe that sex only occurs when there is penetration. Maria Beatriz recalls that “you can explore a lot and really find pleasure far beyond just the stimulation of penetration, and this is very important when we talk about sexual pleasure. Pleasure is not just about penetration, this is a big mistake, a big cultural myth. ”

It is worth mentioning here that the man can, yes, feel much pleasure in the gouinage! “It is a myth to think that men do not benefit from this practice, without penetration. Because always, when there is a much greater exploration of the potential of this body, the pleasure increases for both, for everyone who is participating in this practice! ”, Says the sexologist.

5. No rush

A quickie, sometimes, until it looks good. But let’s face it: nothing tastier than that long, drawn-out sex with all the attention in the world, isn’t it? And gouinage demands a lot of that: calm, attention to each sensation and a lot of effort.

So don’t be in a hurry to get there. Explore everything you feel, talk to your partner and discover new pleasures that, perhaps, you didn’t even know existed!

See how you can have an incredible sexual intercourse without penetration? Keep exploring new ways to get pleasure from these wonderful tips on tantric sex!

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