Fabulous Selena Gomez Prom Dresses


Despite her young age, Selena Gómez is a model who has become a glamor icon and every time she appears on the red carpet she leaves her mark and receives many accolades from the specialized press. Thanks to the slim figure and her charisma she has, she can wear any look she wants, for example a feminine, romantic, modern and very careful look.

Fabulous Selena Gomez Prom Dresses

1. If you are a girl who has a stylized figure like Selena Gómez, I recommend that you choose clothes that are tight, and take the opportunity to wear a beautiful white dress, it can be long or short.

The important thing for you to get your style, it is essential that you buy or use an accessory that gives the dress a touch of personality. For example, Selena Gomez has chosen to use a silver element in the neckline area, which combines very well with sandals.

Selena Gomez's look

two. The characteristic that always stands out about Selena Gomez is her hyper feminine essence. This essence is expressed through the use of looks such as this one, with lace, pastel colors and transparencies.

And to complement the look, it is always advisable to opt for a loose updo, which you can do yourself without leaving the house, you just have to hold your hair in a semi-disarmed bun on the nape of the neck, and leave some loose highlights that fall around the neck. Your face.

The look of Selena Gomez1

3. Many of the outfits that Selena wears do not combine many colors or are monochromatic, which gives them a simplistic and elegant air.

The look of Selena Gomez2

Four. When Selena is not dressed casually, you are probably going to see her in a dress or skirt set. Lately, you can see her with the famous mini jean skirts that seem to return with everything this season.

The look of Selena Gomez3

5. Several of the most beautiful gala event outfits Selena has ever worn with the sequined ones; an example is this Louis Vuitton dress.

The look of Selena Gomez4

How to choose the perfect party dress, according to each style of woman

The color. The choice of the color of the dress, it is necessary to do it according to the skin tone that you have. Black is the classic color for evening dresses and is almost always an excellent alternative to look elegant. But, if you do not like black, do not worry, since today bright colors and metallic colors are also in fashion.

Selena + Gomez

The cut. To choose the most suitable dress, you must also keep your morphology in mind. Height is another key point to keep in mind. So if you are short, it is better not to use a model that is very long. Tall girls, on the other hand, can choose any length, for example.

Selena + Gomez2

The place of the party. The place where the party is going to take place will also greatly influence the choice of your party dress. Mostly, long dresses are used, which at least reach the ankles. But, the type of party in question and the place where it will take place will be decisive in choosing the appropriate dress.

Selena + Gomez3

Make-up. To highlight your facial features it is important that you use makeup in bright powders to accompany your clothes. It is recommended that you use a base tone according to your own skin.

Selena + Gomez1

How to Dress Like Selena Gomez

Buy some Converse sneakers. The actress’s preferred shoe brand is Converse. You can buy these shoes almost anywhere, and they cost no more than thirty dollars.

He also has the ability to wear beautiful boots, which are a perfect option if you don’t like tennis shoes. Selena uses boots that are made of light brown or black leather, which you can combine perfectly with jeans, colorful leggings or leggings.

selena fashion

Combine in several layers. This actress combines in several layers, for example she uses short-sleeved blouses over T-shirts, T-shirts over long-sleeved blouses, etc.

It is very clear, as the actress has grown, she has also modified her style to combine less dandruff on some occasions. Nowadays she uses mostly T-shirts and dresses; The type of clothes you buy depends on your taste and the situation in which you have to use them.

selena1 fashion

Wear skinny jeans. Use them at any time and situation, plus they are very popular and you can get them at any clothing store. You do not need to buy brand name pants, the important thing is that they are beautiful and fit you perfectly.

selena2 fashion

Use few accessories. This part of your clothing is very important. Sunglasses are very special when you are outdoors or in the sun. You should also choose nice long strap bags to carry and handbags to carry.

selena3 fashion

Add a bit of your personality. If you look closely at the more casual photographs of the actress, you will see that she wears normal clothes, nothing different from what you can think of.

As you can see, Selena Gomes dresses in a simple way, but always wearing an elegant and fashionable look. So there is no problem that you copy it.

selena4 fashion

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