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Want to learn how to put condoms in the right way? Here, you will be informed about both the use of male and female condoms, in addition to the necessary care. In order not to make mistakes, we also separated tips and video reports to further clarify the subject. Come and see!

How to put male condoms step by step

  1. Open the packaging carefully. Avoid, if possible, the use of teeth and scissors;
  2. Locate the tip of the condom that looks like a dome to unroll it correctly;
  3. Squeeze the tip of the condom and insert it into the erect penis;
  4. Remember to leave a space at the end: this prevents the condom from breaking and leaking;
  5. Unroll the condom from the top to the base of the penis.

Ready! Now, you already know how to put a male condom step by step and without mistakes. In order to avoid making big mistakes, here is the list of precautions that must be taken in relation to the use of the male condom.

Important precautions

Paying attention to the important care of condom use is essential. Avoid serious problems with the tips in the list below:

  • Do not open with teeth or scissors: that way, you avoid damaging the condom.
  • Place it from the beginning of the contact between the genitals: this includes foreplay. After all, the penis releases seminal fluid from the beginning.
  • Squeeze the tip to remove the air: thus, you prevent the condom from breaking inside the vagina.
  • Use it only once: condoms are a disposable product and should not be used more than once.
  • Do not use two condoms at the same time: friction between two condoms can cause them to break. One is enough.

Did you see? These are small details that must be considered for the good of all. Sexual practice can always be better when we are aware of all the precautions!

How to put female condoms step by step

  1. Open the packaging carefully. Avoid using your teeth and scissors, as well as the male condom;
  2. Hold the smaller size ring with your thumb and index fingers;
  3. Tighten the ring and insert it into the vagina with the help of your index finger;
  4. Push it, also with your index finger;
  5. Leave the larger ring out of the vagina: it will increase protection.

Now that you know how to put on a female condom, nothing else can disturb your nights and, at dawn, there will be zero worries on your mind. Next, pay attention to the necessary care related to the female condom.

Important precautions

You need to keep your eyes open for important care when using the female condom. See the details listed below and avoid any unforeseen events that may occur:

  • Do not open with teeth or scissors: just like the male condom, the female condom can also be damaged.
  • Use it from the beginning of contact between the genitals: knowing the release of the seminal fluid, if you choose to use the female condom, use it before the whole sexual act begins.
  • Only one condom should be used: if your partner is using the male condom, do not use the female condom. Friction between them can tear both condoms.
  • Use it only once: like the male condom, the female condom is disposable and must be used only once.
  • Remove it before getting up: with this, you prevent the semen from draining. The ideal is always to remove it while lying down.

All right so far? With attention to this care, you can be carefree after your sex. For you to be even more protected, check below the common mistakes related to condom use and how to avoid them.

Common mistakes in condom use

Being aware of the most common mistakes that relate to condom use is very important. This ensures not only greater product efficiency, but also a peaceful mind after any relationship. Check it out below:

Save to wallet

Storing condoms in your wallet, although very common, is not a good habit. You are always sitting up and getting up from places, and it can damage you.


In addition to not being hygienic, the reuse of condoms can have serious consequences for both partners. A used condom contains microorganisms that can put your health at risk and, if you wash it, it tends to break more easily.

Expiration date

The first thing to note when buying a condom is the expiration date. Not paying attention to this can be a problem! The expired condom may not develop its role correctly and break, in addition to triggering health problems in both partners.

Leave no space at the tip

Look at the explosion! And this time, with an amount of sperm present. That’s not what you want, right? So, don’t forget to free up a space to collect semen!

Unroll before placing

Unrolling before putting on a condom can make you lose it. The condom, especially the male, was made to be rolled out directly on the penis. And if there is no other available, what are you going to do?

Now you know the main mistakes in using condoms. Be careful not to reproduce them and enjoy your time with two without excessive worries.

Videos and reports on how to use a condom

You are about to become an expert on how to put on a condom! For you to really stay on top of everything, see the videos that we have separated to help you understand even better how to use condoms correctly:

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Cátia Damasceno talks openly about curiosities, advantages and disadvantages of condoms for women. It also teaches you how to put the female condom in the right way.

All about the female condom and how to use it

In this video, Laura Lucia introduces the female condom, shows all its details and teaches you how to use it correctly.

How to put on a male condom

Ana Escobar teaches perfectly how to put the male condom on the penis. Check out the simple and practical step by step in the video.

Learn in practice how to put on a male condom

Dora Figueiredo explains everything about the importance of use, talks openly about possible diseases and teaches how to put on the male condom. Watch the video!

So, did you like the tips? Now, you have no more excuses for not knowing how to put the condom in the right way. Want even more valuable sex tips? See this article with controversial sex questions answered.