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The incorrigible romantics are in luck: February is their month and 14 is their day. So if you are one of them, get ready to enjoy the beauty with this passionate idea. We teach you to Create your own hearts for Valentine. With them you can decorate your whole house and tell your partner how much you love her. You dare?

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If you like crafts and do things for yourself and, in addition, you are in love you can not stop reading this article. In it we will give you a couple of original and very creative ideas to celebrate Valentine's Day in style.

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It's about making some yourself hearts to decorate any corner A great idea with which you can decorate your home that day without spending a lot of money and, in addition, with the satisfaction of creating things with your own hands.

Easier can not be. We teach you how to make hearts for Valentine's Day and we let your imagination know how to use them, except for one or two suggestions that we suggest so you can get inspired. From there let your creativity fly and flood your whole house of LOVE.

How to make hearts for Valentine

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There are many ways to make hearts for Valentine's Day, depending on the technique you choose and the use you want to give them. In this case we are going to teach you to make beautiful felt hearts. Then you can use them in many decorative applications, such as making a garland to decorate the fireplace or hanging them in front of the window. It's up to you.

What I like most about this DIY idea is how easy it is to put it into practice. Anyone with a little patience, can develop it and get a good result, even those that tell me they are "denied for crafts."

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I tell you what you need: red, white or black felt. Shiny sequins or beads. Scissors. Cotton for heart filling. Needle, thimble and thread of the same color as the felt. A tape to hang the heart when you have finished sewing it.

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Passion red … or not

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It is true that red is the color that dominates in any valentine decoration. However, this does not always have to be this way. I love red and would choose it for this clothing project, but I understand that other people prefer a more discreet tone to express their love. In this case, you can choose pink, purple, black or any other color you like. Your better half will be equally surprised and will like it very much. Insurance!

Once you have chosen the color you prefer and have managed to gather the materials, it will be time to get down to work. Start by cut two felt hearts of the same size (according to the measures you want the romantic ornament to have).

Then start sew the sequins and beads in one of them. You can make a row or several. Do it as you like, in a creative way and with your own style.

Place one heart over another and sew them together With hidden stitches. Leave a small hole to be able to introduce the cotton until the heart is well filled, to your liking (in my opinion it is not necessary to put a lot of cotton, with a little enough).

The last step consists of sew the tape on the top of the heart so you can hang it wherever you want.

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Source: DIY is fun

Another idea: sew simple pink felt hearts for Valentine's Day (you can use different lighter and darker shades, as you can see in the image) and then hang them on a tree branch that you have taken in the park. You already have a nice decorative detail for February 14.

And if you make a garland?

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The hearts garlands For Valentine's Day they are another option to decorate your home on this very special date and, in addition, they allow you a wide range of ideas. You can make felt hearts as we have taught you, or make them out of cardboard, of another type of fabric, even sackcloth.

Then you have only go crimping them on a string or on a tape that you like and hang them in your house. A romantic wreath will look great on the front door, although you can also put it on the wall or in front of a window.

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Source: Homihomi

The key is in combine materials and colors to create contrasts and get the effect you prefer. Have you seen how beautiful this garland of white and red hearts looks in front of the fireplace? The idea cannot be simpler, right?

Anyway, if you like hearts for Valentine's Day you will surely find a way to keep them well present in your home. You dare?

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