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Liking your own body is liberating, but it’s okay to look for your best version. If cellulite is something that bothers you, there are plenty of alternatives and treatments that promise to solve the problem. Among them is the cellulite massager. Learn more about this product and check options available in the Brazilian market!

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What is cellulite massager and how it works

It can be a modern version, like a massager for cellulite with infrared, or a simple brush with massaging function. The idea behind these products is to activate blood circulation and thus make cellulite brands more subtle.

It is worth remembering, however, that the results will appear through a complete body care: in addition to the massager and cosmetics, there can be no lack of adequate food and physical activities.

The best cellulite massagers

From massagers that cost hundreds of dollars to those that are easily found in pharmacies, below you can find 5 options – entitled to influencers’ opinions about each one.

1. Spin Doctor Be Emotion Polishop Massager – $$$$$

The Polishop cellulite massager is complete! In addition to helping in the treatment of cellulite, it can be used to massage the entire body, relieving tension in the neck and shoulders, for example.

“As for the device, it is wonderful – as for the quality, I say. It is a device that is meant to last a long time ”- Laine Santos

2. Orbit Electric Massager – Relaxmedic – $$$

The difference of this massager is its powerful engine with 2,600 revolutions per minute: massage is more effective. The accessories that come with the product have different purposes, from relaxing massage to exfoliating calluses.

“I bought it for the more aesthetic part, so to speak. It has a very interesting power when it comes to sliding creams and detaching cellulite and everything a little bit ”- Scila Alex

3. Relax Spin Tone Orbital Massager – $$

In addition to being indicated for reducing measures, cellulite and sagging, this massager is indicated for body self-massage, relieving tension. Its look, in white and blue colors, is a charm apart.

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“I’ve been using it for about two weeks and I’m enjoying it. I’m using it a lot: I spend about 20 minutes using it. It comes with four discs for you to change: it is a device that in addition to doing a localized massage, also serves to relax ”- Mônica Nerys

4. TimeWise Mary Kay Smooth-Action Body Massager – $

Indicated to be used with the brand reducing gel, the Mary Kay cellulite massager is beautiful, does not take up space, fits perfectly in your hand and enhances the result of the cosmetics used.

“The body massager is made of a silicone-like material and the bristles are transparent, which particularly gives the product a charm. Its indication is to use it after applying the gel in the region making circular movements ”- Caroll Sisson

5. Marco Boni massage brush – $

Easy to be found in pharmacies, this massager is great for the application of body creams and reducing agents. It has a handle for fitting the fingers and is available in different colors.

“I think he’s very, very cute. He’s pink. Besides being fluffy it is useful, because you will really see the difference in the result of applying your cream using it. Not to mention that the feeling of having a massage is wonderful ”- Camila Nenê

Which one did you feel like experimenting with?

Videos with cellulite massager: you will love the third

Now that you know a little more about cellulite massagers, it is worth checking out more ideas on how to use these products on a daily basis.

Blogger routine with cellulite massager

In the video above, Niina Secrets shows all the products and accessories she uses to treat cellulite and stretch marks, in addition to hydrating the body. It is worth checking.

How to do cellulite massage at home

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It is important to say that the massager does not work miracles: you need to do the massage correctly, with time and dedication. In the video above, Carol Palumbo explains what her steps in body care are.

Cheap alternative massager for cellulite

Doesn’t the budget allow you to invest now in a cellulite massager? How about, then, using a hairbrush? This is the trick used by Bia Munstein to exterminate the leg marks. Check out!

Just like the massager, it is worth looking for other alternatives to soften cellulite. How about one that is natural? Check out more details about gray clay, which has many benefits for the body and face.

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