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By Isla Ramos

On April 9, 2001

The smoothing shampoo is a product that promises to smooth, shine and reduce the volume of the hair. But does it fulfill all of this and is it recommended? To find out more, we talked to the hairdresser, colorist, hair therapist and specialist in the treatment of the scalp and hair fiber Gislaine Cândido and the hair technique Carla Soethe. Check out!

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What is and what is made the shampoo that straightens to check the straightening of the strands

The shampoo has an idea similar to the progressive shower. The smoothing that this type of product provides is based on the chain of amino acids, as explained by Carla: “The junction of amino acids has the conductive ability to enter the fiber and, depending on the acid present, in this case, it does manage to mess up the bridge sulfur and capillary structure, making it more smooth and straight ”. However, for the results to be perceived, it is often necessary to activate the effect with a heat source.

Regarding the straightening process, Gislaine explains that the lower the pH of the product, the more closed the cuticle becomes, thus providing a straightening of the strands. The product smoothes because its pH is generally less than 2 in the degree of acidity and the pH of the hair is 4.2 to 5.8. “The more closed the cuticle with the low pH degree, the more difficult it is for nutrients to penetrate into the hair”, complements the specialist.

In the formula of the smoothing shampoo, Gislaine points out that it may contain acids, such as glyoxylic – an acid that together with carbocysteine ​​is used to promote hair straightening and volume reduction. However, is it worth investing in the smoothing shampoo? Here’s what the experts said.

Is it worth using the product and what are the necessary precautions?

For Gislaine, the product is not recommended. That’s because in the cosmetics market, there are several chemicals that can be made without harming the structure of the wires. In addition, Gislaine explains that this type of product, which can be sold to anyone to use at home, can bring an enormous risk to the health of the hair. “All chemistry has to be handled by a qualified professional”, he concludes.

It is exactly the inappropriate use that Carla points out as the factor that can bring more risks, especially if used in excess and combined with other chemicals. For this reason, Carla warns: “Always cherish the trustworthy brand and original product. There are many products on the market that camouflage formaldehyde with other names and derivatives. For this reason, it is important to look for professional products and trusted brands to avoid any fright, valuing the wick test to achieve the best result ”.

In addition, Carla stresses that it is necessary to keep an eye on the excess of amino acids. “Avoid excess amino acids when you want to do this treatment. So you have to protect your hair, preferably for a week. You should not use this shampoo that smoothes in the first 7 days after coloring or any chemical procedure, due to the low pH of the shampoo that smooths, which can generate a cut of the hair fiber ”, he concludes.

Finally, Carla makes an important warning: “It is recommended to give an interval of 30-60 days to do it again and always with the fiber diagnosis, since every fiber does not need only one nutrient, it needs several components. So using only the smoothing shampoo will harm the fiber, even more if you use it in excess ”.

5 long-term harms of using the smoothing shampoo

Despite smoothing and bringing a certain shine to the hair, when used in excess and without professional accompaniment, the shampoo that straightens can bring undesirable effects. Keep an eye out for the harms that may arise in the long run. Follow:

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  • Fades color: “Every straightening brings a fade in the hair, some due to overheating of flat iron”, comments Gislaine.
  • Wires break and dry: “The lower the acidity, the smoother the hair becomes because the cuticles are closed, bringing shine, but this shine, in fact, is only on the outside and not on the inside. The closer this cuticle is, the strands cannot absorb the nutrients afterwards. That’s why it often breaks your hair ”, explains Gislaine.
  • Thinning of the wires: if care is not followed, over time the straightened wires tend to become thinner and lifeless, with the ends straight and split.
  • Trichodynia: according to Gislaine, this type of product can cause trichodynia, which is pain in the scalp. This is due to the sensitivity that the scalp develops, in some cases, in response to excessive chemical procedures.
  • Scalp flaking: this problem can cause dysfunction of the microbiota and generates other problems, such as dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis. Even if there is no proof of the causes of dandruff, a scientific article from UNIVALI demonstrated that dandruff is susceptible to a series of actions, such as exposure to high temperatures, excessive chemicals and inappropriate use of products.

In addition to avoiding excessive chemistry, the tip is to always seek the guidance of a professional before doing these procedures. Another tip is to bet on a capillary schedule to help in the recovery and health of the hair.

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